by Necromagickal

The only “official” reports of sex between humans and aliens derive from the lore of alien abductions. The first credited abduction sex story came from 1957 in Brazil. Antonio Boas was plowing the fields of his family farm when a UFO showed up. He was taken inside and prepped to meet a fair-haired alien chick. One thing led to another and the only thing getting plowed by then was the space chick... by Antonio.

The desire for sex with aliens is not so out of this world and is more common than most assume.  Alien sex fetish sites are now popping up on the web, like face huggers at a sci-fi convention.

With most interspecies erotica resulting in weeks of diarrhea, a weird taste in your mouth, and embarrassment from some unintelligible Martian name branded on your ass, that Brazilian abductee as “top” story is a rarity.

Why is it that aliens are only interested in performing scientific intergalactic rape on monosyllabic country folk?  Then they dump them in a field with their underwear at their knees and their orifices aching from unnatural proctologic and gynecological examinations. To add insult to injury, 100% of alien rape cases go without a conviction. 

There is a common sexual frustration inherent in being turned on by aliens: it’s hard to find a good one and when you do, it just doesn’t want the same kind of sex that you imagined. Aliens are only concerned with how far to insert probes and clamps; they don’t expect cuddling after sex or care if you call them back. Sure, once in while you meet hot aliens like Supergirl Laura Vandervoort, Penthouse pet Brandy Ledford from Andromeda, or that blue babe from Avatar. But most alien hotties look like a shriveled midget or Mork from Ork...

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