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FearNet’s most recent filmmaking undertaking, a comedic horror flick entitled ZOMBIE ROADKILL about, you guessed it, zombie roadkill, will be posted online at FearNet in the form of a six part web series.

The cast and crew of the David Green's Sam Raimi produced film, includes actors Thomas Haden Church and David Dorfman.. Girls and Corpses was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with one of the young stars of the film, David Dorfman, about his experience working on the new FearNet project. David’s previous impressive acting credits include BOUNCE, THE RING, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and PANIC.  Here is what he had to say about his participation in the new cult zombie spoof ZOMBIE ROADKILL...

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G&C:  How did you come to be involved in the movie “Zombie Roadkill”?
DD: I read the lines for everybody down at the office and before I knew it, I was reading them in front of the camera on set.
G&C: How was working on this film in comparison to some of your other projects such as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Ring”?
DD: Zombie Roadkill definitely has much more of a comedy vibe to it than the other movies you mentioned. The laughs certainly help to lighten up the mood a bit on a horror shoot. One element that unites Zombie Roadkill, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Ring films however is the great people I had the opportunity to work with on each project.
 G&C: “Zombie Roadkill” will unfold on FEARnet over the course of 6 webisodes, each four to five minutes long. I’ve noticed quite a few filmmakers in the past couple of years producing films this way for online consumption rather than theatrical releases. What do you think are the pluses and minuses of this approach to cinema? Do you think this is the way all films will be shot at some point in the future?
DD: While I won’t pretend to be psychic who can predict the future of media (although that would be a fun role to play), it is safe to say that the internet has created a multitude of new opportunities for both filmmakers and film aficionados alike. One of the advantages of online distribution is that is allows the content to be more interactive. I encourage everybody to go and check out the FearNet website and explore some of these fun new features for themselves. Also, the internet helps make entertainment more democratic and accessible to everybody in many respects. Busy schedules and budget considerations often limit our ability to go the theater or surf the television channels as much as we would like, but it is not that difficult to squeeze in a little time here and there for a good old episode of Zombie Roadkill.
 G&C: When dealing with the subject of flesh eating zombified possums, squirrels, etc. there has to be at least a few funny on-set stories from your filming experience. Is there one you can share with us today?
DD: I barely know where to begin! It is certainly not everyday an actor gets to work alongside zombie roadkill. When I first read the script, I assumed that we would be shooting the whole series on some soundstage surrounded by green screens and fancy CGI contraptions, but as it turns out, the zombies were actually portrayed by puppets! While I’ll admit I had the occasional preschool puppet show flashback, all in all, acting alongside puppets makes for an exceptionally fun on-set experience.
G&C:  You have already had an impressive career in film and television. Out of all of the projects you’ve worked on over the years, which one was the most memorable experience and why?
DD: Now that’s a difficult one! One experience I recall that might be of particular interest to horror fans occurred on the set of The Ring Two. As anyone who has seen the film may remember, flooding plays a central role in the plot. It came as quite as a spooky coincidence then when our production office flooded due to a burst water pipe. I believe it was the first time in the history of Universal Studios that the area had flooded, so naturally, we half-jokingly assumed it was the work of Samara. Nonetheless, we had a traditional Japanese purification ceremony to be on the safe side!
G&C:  You are also involved in the upcoming 3D version of “The Ring”. What can you tell us about this particular project and your character’s role in the film?
DD: I have a hunch that my character’s name will probably be Aidan…
G&C: You’ve done quite a bit of horror genre related films. What are your feelings about the genre and the direction new filmmakers are taking it today?
DD: I hate to paraphrase Mastercard commercials, but they make a good point. Although a DVD of some horror movie may cost $10, the screams one gets out of it really are priceless. Being scared is fun, and I think this fact is what ultimately keeps the genre perpetually relevant. However, it is still always important to keep revitalizing the genre with new ideas and approaches. Zombie Roadkill does this by infusing a bold dose of comedy into the traditional horror template.
G&C: What is it about horror movies that appeal to you as an actor? Any favorite horror films?
DD: Like I said above, being scared is fun. However, I’d argue that acting scared might even have one up on that. A few favorites that immediately pop into mind are the Ring films, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Zombie Roadkill to name a few (no surprises there). I also admire the extensive works of genre veterans like Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert (who happen to be some of the fine folks behind Zombie Roadkill as well).
G&C:  Once “Zombie Roadkill” is released on October 1st on FEARnet, why should people check it out?
DD: The title speaks for itself. I must thank our amazing director David Green and writer Henry Gayden for coming up with such a unique and inventive concept. Watching these ‘zombie roadkill’ try to hunt us down truly makes a great viewing experience for y’all. Add in my outstanding fellow cast members, and one really could not ask for more. With laughs, screams, romance, and action, Zombie Roadkill has something to offer everybody.

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ZOMBIE ROADKILL debuts worldwide online at FearNet.com on October 1, 2010. More information can be found at www.fearnet.com/shows/zombie_roadkill/index.html.