Letters to The Deaditor

“Dude, I gave the mags and calendars to Quentin. They're amazing gifts, people love them. I been handing them out all around town to people! For reals. Quentin LOVED it!  

Eli Roth  (Writer/Producer/Director Hostel 1 & II and Co-Star of Inglourious Basterds)

Thanks Eli! You have always bee a great supporter since my early comic book days at Fango. I am so happy to see your continued success!


“Hey Corpsy, yesterday I was doing a shoot for you guys. Our model, Ivy, was hitchhiking and holding a bloody ax. Suddenly, a Broward County Sheriff’s car drives up and they ask what we’re doing. I told them I was photographing for Girls and Corpses Magazine. They go, ‘Girls and WHAT??!’ So I showed them an issue. The cops flipped through, laughed, and said they loved the magazine. Luckily, it kept me out of trouble, and now you have some new fans... hahaha. They eventually left after running my plates and talkin’ to Ivy... DOGS!!!”

Sid Graves / Photographer

I don’t blame them for hitting on Ivy. She’s smokin’ hot (See her photo spread this issue). But next time get the cops’ names and we’ll send them a care package. We have lots of cops who read the magazine... and convicts.

[The following email was sent by a “good Christian woman” to actress Victoria De Mare, who appeared in our issue #9 as “Shesus,” on a cross.]

“Victoria, I find your photo disgusting, offensive and incredible distasteful... hope you burn in hell!... damn your soul!... you fucking atheist bitch!... anyone who loves The Lord will never find that shit amusing... just a bunch of other atheist Satan loving freaks like you! People will buy any shit, does not make it good. If anyone buys that crap it will have been all your atheist friends!

Jessica V

Jesus Christ Jessica! You call yourself a “Christian” and then call Victoria a “fucking atheist bitch”? But that goes well with religious zealots who tortured people for not believing as they do. But I’m surprised by your reaction to a female Jesus. Why couldn’t Jesus have been a woman? All this religious stuff was made up by men anyhow, right? Atheism is a choice just like Christianity, and shouldn’t be forced on someone, no matter how much you would like to burn them  on the cross. However, you are free to believe whatever you like. We will pray for you. And thanks for reading Girls and Corpses! See ya in hell, sinner!

Pope Corpsy VII

“On behalf of all Armed Services, we would like to thank you for being a Great American and Patriot for supporting all that we do to make a better tomorrow. Girls and Corpses has definitely been an inspiration and motivator for us troops to deliver more Crispies for the lovely ladies to sadistically lavish over. These ladies will make any rotting wood stiff again. Rot on Brother!

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

We have always supported our men and women in uniform and we are happy to send free magazines to our troops. So, if you are overseas and bored stiff, write us and we will ship your unit a care package. Ooo-Rot!!!

“I absolutely LOVE your magazine! I can’t find it all that easily here in Canada, but when I do I’m sure to buy it! I was wondering if you ever have photo shoots with fans or if you can apply to be in the magazine? Most girls want to be in PLAYBOY but me, Girls and Corpses!!”

XOX, Elise

We are distributed on newsstands in Canada but we sell out quickly. You can always order online at Girlsandcorpsesstore.com. And if you are a sexy girl 1824, email Corpsy a link to your pics at: Info@girlsandcorpses.com. Nudity is not required. Just appreciated.

“I noticed that the new issue on the stands is wrapped in plastic. Why’s that? I can’t sneak a peek!”

Monster Menagerie

Ask our distributor. We were fine until we did a “religion” issue. Now we are being poly-bagged. They said the reason was “nudity,” but there is no “nudity” in the magazine.  Seems some kid cried to his mother in Tennessee and wet his pants when he flipped through an issue of G&C. Mind you, there is more “porn” in Cosmo and women’s magazines than ours. I guess you mess with religion and they whip you with the Bible belt. Fortunately, we love the lick of the belt.

“Judging sucks from both sides of the fence. You go after religious people and religious people go after you... go figure!”


The problem is not ‘judging,’ it’s “censorship.” We’re not trying to put a bag over your comment to stop others from seeing it. We don’t have nudity in our magazine so we should not be covered like pornjust because we addressed religion in a comedic magazine.

“I found a copy of this magazine at my friend Tom’s house. My reaction was... Ewww. Granted, I was compelled to page through from cover to cover.”


We love changing minds... and sometimes heads.

“Exploitive, yes. Twisted, certainly. So why am I cursed with enjoying these sick and twisted diversions? Why is it that a stiff corpse with rigor mortis and a voluptuous slice of female flesh wrapped suggestively must be savored?”

John Doe

It’s yin and yang... Beauty and the Beast... Hugh Hefner and his current three girlfriends. But most of all it’s life and death. Don’t think so much... caught you.

“I think this is the best (and only!) horrifico-gory-sexy-mag in the world! I’m so happy to read this mag and there’s nothing like this in France! Where can I find a G&C t-shirt please?”


Actually, we have oodles of readers in France. You can find our new t-shirts and other sick goodies in our Corpsemart store at: Girlsandcorpsesstore.com. Bone-up-a-tit!

“I love your karate corpse issue with Quina Feldstein and her sexy spread in two piece bikini with black belt. Quina demonstrates moves like the spinning reverse hook kick, arm bars, wood block breaking, katana sword, mat rolls, and rear naked chokes. Quina leaves no doubt who is deadliest in her photo shoot. See the guy who tried, and look at what happened to him!”


We love Quina Feldstein, too. She’s a third-degree black belt and Karate sensei, whose grandfather is Al Feldstein, editor of MAD Magazine for 29 years. Nice photo of you, by the way. Looks like you almost lost your head over her.

“Being featured in Girls and Corpses has really given me the boost I needed in my modeling career. This has been my very first magazine spread and I hope for many more to come! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to show people what I love to do most, and much love to Sid Graves who is the best photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with!”

Love ALWAYS, Jess

We like breaking in new models and we are always looking for fresh faces. So, we’re glad we could launch your career as we have done with so many models.

“I just learned of Girls and Corpses Magazine, and I have to tell you that I have not been this amazed and impressed in a very long time! I am a fire-eating, burlesque dancing, embalmer, and have not had a lot of luck harmonizing these two worlds. The dichotomy that is my life you have seamlessly meshed together in this publication!  I am delighted and inspired by what you have put out into the world!”

Marieke AKA Rose de la Morte

Hmm... a fire breathing, burlesque dancing, embalmer. I think I’m in love! Let’s meet at the morgue. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Just easy with the fire breath.

“I got a couple of your mags and I think it is a fuckin’ cool! I want to get a subscription to it if I could. I just wanted to tell you I am on house arrest and my P.O. came over today and seen my mags and she said it was just not right. It made me laugh. I want more mags. Keep up the dead/beautiful work. From one dead body to a bunch of corpses and hot ladies, THANK YOU!”


Tell your Parole Officer that laughing is not illegal, yet. She’s just jealous because she wanted your copy. We don’t offer subscriptions yet but you can order at our store here: GirlsandCorpsesStore.com.  And when you go back to jail, please tell the other inmates that prisons have banned us, so you won’t be able to receive copies. Hey, that might even keep you out of jail!

RIP, Corpsy