Letter From The Publisher

This is your brain on Girls and Corpses

Welcome, corpses, to the 10th print incarnation of Girls and Corpses magazine, and our 25th overall issue. You may notice something different about our appearance; and we owe a shout-out to artist Brian Johnson for illustrating our first painted cover. Don’t fret, corpses, this is not a permanent change. We just like to shake things up a bit, and what better way than a tribute to Famous Monsters cover artist Basil Gogos? And who could be a better subject for a painted cover than the zombie master himself, George Romero?

The other thing you may notice about this issue is that it might be poly-bagged in a plastic censorship condom. This change comes courtesy of our own distributor and is a result of our previous issue, which dared to have some fun with religion and pissed off a few tight-ass fundamentalists and their insipid offspring. Our distributor informed us that it was because of “nudity” in our magazine—but since there is no nudity in G&C we could read between the lines. Please feel free to rip off this wrapping so others may enjoy it at the newsstands and Barnes & Noble.

Suggested uses for this plastic wrap are:

1) A vomit bag

2) A ball gag for fundamentalists

3) See-through toilet paper for Oprah Winfrey

4) A colostomy bag for Rush Limbaugh

5)  A contraceptive sponge for Octomom

Anyhow, we have another great issue for you, starting with a cool interview with Zacherley “The Cool” Ghoul, legendary TV horror host; also an interview with Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider; then we slip back into the autopsy room with famed forensics pathologist Vidal Herrera, who recounts his most memorable death scenes.

For our featured photo spread we brought together porn legend and rehab survivor Mary Carey and Hitler’s corpse. What a mitzvah! I’m sure the photos will make some jaws drop but that’s what we do at G&C—stick a knife in your brain and twist. Besides, if Charlie Chaplin could make fun of Hitler in 1940’s The Great Dictator, then I suppose you corpses can handle it. Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll get a ton of email such as we did with our “Religion is Dead” issue (see “Letters To The Deaditor”).

Let’s face it, Girls and Corpses may not be for everyone—or anyone—but some folks are so closed-minded that they won’t even flip the cover page for fear the magazine is filled with nudity and necrophilia. You wish! Even in the fetish community we are considered the deep end of the pool. But there are some uptight nitwits who can’t handle something groundbreaking, which they can’t categorize. It’s why Thomas Edison was called “satanic” for inventing the electric light bulb. And what better metaphor can you conceive than shining a light on repression of creative thought?

Just remember folks, “Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours.” So, don’t give up your dreams and we won’t give up ours.

In other news, Virus Magazine with be releasing another German issue of Girls and Corpses magazine this summer, so all those in the Fatherland should enjoy our Hitler spread with Mary Carey.

Also, we are excited to announce our first animated Girls and Corpses music video, which will be released this year, featuring The Fabulous Miss Wendy singing her hit song, “I’m Just A Crazy Fucked Up Bitch.” Pretend for Real Animation Studio is going to blow you away with their animated short!

I know I usually say something prophetic here about death. But since this is our 10th print issue I really just want to thank our loyal Girls and Corpses readers from all over the world, from the bottom of my rotting heart. Each corpse who works on this magazine puts their souls into each issue and we do it for you—so you have something to read on the toilet.

Remember to tell your friends to order a copy of Girls and Corpses magazine.

It’s a matter of Laugh and Death.