Dee Snider of Twisted Sister

writer/producer/star of Strangeland...

Nice guy? Drug free? Faithful married man?


Interviewed by R.S. Rhine

Photos by Barbara Wegner

G&C:  Is it harder surviving shark attack or surviving twenty years of marriage as a rock star?

DS: [Laughs] Definitely marriage. But that’s one thing that I’d say to any couples, don’t just think it’s gonna be, “...and they lived happily ever after.” It’s a “process.” It’s ever changing and mutating and you’ve got to work at it and resolve yourself to making it happen.

G&C: But you must have had mounds of vagina being flung at you every night of your concerts. How do you duck that?

DS: I remember the walk from the dressing room to the tour bus was the gauntlet of pussy. I mean I’m a dude, so if you put yourself in a situation where your resistance is going to be weakened—drinking or getting high or hanging out in Axl Rose’s hot tub—you’re more likely to be unfaithful. But literally it was like, “OK, to the bus. Let’s go!” And you’d rush down the hall, right to the back lounge, lock the door, and then you’re like, “OK! I made it! Another night.” I felt like an alcoholic, you know, “One concert at a time.”

G&C: What’s your best story of groupies trying to pursue you, regardless of your wedding ring?

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