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Letter from The Publisher
The Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine

You asked for it... and now we're giving it to ya.

The Girls and Corpses Magazine print issue is here!... In the flesh and bone.

It took sweat and blood and embalming fluid but we are truly proud of the results and we think you will be too. Hell, we even got Sheri Moon Zombie on our premiere cover with Rob Zombie's corpse. What could be better than that?! Well, how about twisted interviews, killer artwork, insane reviews and strange fiction. You'll be dying to read: Embalming On Ice, Ren & Stimpy's Lost Sex tape, Clown Porn Crime-Watch, Angels of Death, Behind The Screams at The Girls and Corpses Mansion and, of corpse, tons of photos of our hot sexy models with cold rotting corpses. And much much more!

We pondered who would be the perfect lady to grace our first cover. She would have to be the Marilyn Monroe of the cemetery world. The name that stuck in all our minds was Sheri Moon Zombie. She's beautiful, a horror film star and is also coupled with the most rocking figure on the horror scene, Rob Zombie. Little did we know that Sheri and Rob were already fans of the magazine. Girls and Corpses is truly stepping into the void and this brave lass jumped in with both bare feet. So, we deeply thank Sheri from the bottom of our rotting hearts for taking the leap to be our first cover model.

You may also notice some minor changes to the site, mainly that the bubbles at that top no longer click to features. We figured that after fifteen free issues, it's time for you to put your money where the corpse's mouth is and now, finally, you will be able to read this fine literature on your bathroom throne – where it was meant to be read.

We also have a new co-publisher, Stephan Miller of Gunslinger Media, who will bring new blood to Girls and Corpses to keep this corpse running and Kevin Klemm, is still on board, digging up fresh bodies.

But the only thing that will make this corpse run is YOU, our devoted fans. Thank you all for believing in us and supporting us. We would die without you. But we need your subscriptions, so please order this magazine and become part of Girls and Corpses lore. Tell all your friends, dead or alive, to sign up and buy this magnificent magazine. You wouldn't want this corpse to die!

This will truly be a collectible. The first issue of Playboy now sells for thousands. Maybe someday the first issue of Girls and Corpses will sell for millions (or not).

So, be the first in your cemetery, precinct, church or choir group to get this amazing first issue.

You can order our premiere issue at: http://girlsandcorpsesstore.com

So, catch the new grave in comedy -- and stroll through with us through the iron gates of purgatory.

Death is only the beginning. Girls and Corpses Magazine will soon be on the newsstand of a Corpse-Mart near you.

Girls and Corpses Magazine, the print issue, has been hatched. Now, watch us grow.

The Grin Creeper
(Aka Corpsy)
Robert Steven Rhine

"So many corpses... so little time."

©2007 (reprinted only with permission of author)