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You like us... you really like us... dead.

Letters To The Deaditor:

Well, we've been inudated with your email from all over the world since G&C Magazine went to press. I think we saw the letter s WTF a thousand times. We also got hundreds of photos from young lovlies you wanted to be our next corpse cover girl. So keep those comments and photos coming!

Here's what you are saying about G&C Magazine:

"MY copy of the Premiere issue arrived a few hours back in today's mail, and I am still smiling from external auditory meatus to external auditory meatus!!!! FUCKING GREAT ZINE!!!!

A huge 80 pages in Gorgeous color!!!

- The oh so hot Sheri Moon Zombie (oh, and Rob 'lucky bastard' Zombie)!!!
- Great pics from the G & C Mansion!!!
- The Lipton add (finally advertisements for us dearly departed, about time!!!)
- The super hot centerfold!!!
- The Recipe!!!
- The touching 'Propeller Boy' story!!!
- The Jorg Buttgereit interview!!!
- Lucky bastard 'BOZO' getting his chicken choked by Hollie Stevens (Clown Porn)!!!
- The movie, music and "people" articles and all the rest!!!


Ordering a couple more copies as the girls make my flesh warm to a point of my fingers sticking to and smearing the pages. Will have the next copy laminated!!

THANK YOU GIRLS AND CORPSES...keep em coming!!!!

with you for an eternity.......Butch"

"Holy shit, this thing's HUGE! Congratulations!"

Rodrigo Gudiño

"I ordered my copy of the Sheri Moon issue and cant wait to get it. what a great fuckin' idea for a magazine. I wish I would have thought of it. I knew I wasn't the only sick fuck out here."


"This is the best magazine I've ever purchased, hands down! "Not so" fresh and gruesomely entertaining! I'm looking forward to future issues!!"

-Pumpkin Pete

"I friggin LOve you guys to DEATH!!!"


"I bought your mag-- I received it last week and I LOVE it. I am definitely a huge fan of yours now!"

Whip it

"Just wanted to say your magazine cracks me the fuck up! LOL way to go in being so damned original! I wish you and the publication a very long... AFTERlife! lol congrats on going glossy too, looks very nice!"


"I got the first issue and i love it. Keep up the good work, you sick fuckers. But there was no subscription card. how do i subscribe. i need more.


Hey Mooney - We're a quarterly for now. Next issue out in July. We are working out the subscription bugs and will let everyone know when we go subscription.

Thanks for the kind words.

"Love your photos!! I just wanted to tell you that your magazine photos rock!!!!! Nothing beats the glamour of sex and death!


"I got my calendar last week. I have to tell you, it is the most twisted and demented calendar I have ever had the pleasure of hanging in my office."

David Lohr

"I'm not into Girls and I'm not into Corpses, but THAT is funny."

-West Hollywood waiter on seeing the premier issue of Girls and Corpses.

"Is it wrong to get turned on by this? The best magazine ever put into print."

Hell Primer

"Just got my copy of the first issue today and it was even better than I had imagined -- Congrats!!!"


"Sending some respect to the best idea for a magazine ever!!!! XX


"Better tombs and gardens lol OMG! This publication is GREAT Love the gore of it alllll! Keep up the good work."

Mister 7

"Sunday was a blast. I can now add bodyguarding a 7ft Grizzly to my resume. What a life...hot chicks, corpses and Mexican food...oh yeah."


"Seriously, this mag is a breath of fresh air (in a stagnant decomposing body sort of way). It's sexy and fun and it doesn't take itself too seriously and is not for people who DO take themselves too seriously. On a magazine rack of mass produced mediocrity G&C stands out as bold and refreshing. So, my advice to those who haven't picked up their copy yet is...do so now or I will be forced to rip your lungs out through your belly buttons."


"Fantastic magazine. Loved the interview with Sheri Zombie. Great combination of humor and horror."

Banana Pancakes

"What could be better then hot girls and cold corpses? NOTHING"

William J Bell

"ILOVE my Girls and Corpses!!! If people don't like it they're better off dead!"

Creepy Carrie

"Got my issue yesterday! Great work, keep it up!"


You now how hard it is for a corpse to keep it up?

"I just received my copy..i love it sooo much! This magazine kicks so much ass! It's funny, sexy, and it has some good reading in it."


"Hey I got the magazine you guys did a kick ass job! That first printer you guys got is going to be kicking himself in the ass down the road."


"FUCK ME! This has to be the best thing since fake pussies!"



"I laughed my ass off. When I saw SICKCOM The dish licking was brilliant, no doubt about it! Golf swing on the client - divine and disturbing!!! The dog in the yard with the heads was - well, so doglike and hilarious and Jenny's (toilet) Cam was almost more than I could bear without peeing all over this nice dining room chair. Love the baby's "pacifier." As Zombie Bob would say "If I hadda have neighbors that were still livin', this would be the family I'd pick. You will be an instant hit."


"When I grow up and die, I want to be just like Corpsy.



Albert Einstein

"I have only fantasized about such things! This is absolutely breathtaking!"

Bucky The Skeleton

"I am so happy that this is a real magazine now! I can't believe people banned it just cuz it has corpses in it...corpses are good, more people need to be aware of that. Some folks just don't understand. I got a corpse prop from Halloween that i named Corpsy too. I just love him!!"


"Hi there i'm a 30 year old male and am very keen to acquire pictures of necrophilia and auto erotic asphixiation please advise me.

Regards, Michael.

Is this Michael... Jackson?

"I laughed my ass off. When I saw SICKCOM The dish licking was brilliant, no doubt about it! Golf swing on the client - divine and disturbing!!! The dog in the yard with the heads was - well, so doglike and hilarious and Jenny's (toilet) Cam was almost more than I could bear without peeing all over this nice dining room chair. Love the baby's "pacifier." As Zombie Bob would say "If I hadda have neighbors that were still livin', this would be the family I'd pick. You will be an instant hit." - EK

"Superb! Greetings from the Netherlands: I really love the concept and the way it's portrayed, haven't been chuffed about something like this for a long time. Keep coming with those babes and the blessed departed."


"Coolest shit i've seen in quite some time."


"I don't think that there is anything more awesome than your magazine! Oh wait...except for our flesh splitting, blood curdling, penis draining, breast slapping music!"

Ministry of Love

"I just stumbled upon girls and corpses... you guys have got to be doing wonders for us sickos all over the world... pure genius."

Don Tickles

"You know, I don't like football but this issue ROTS because I can't stand dumb blondes! Rot on!"


The title speaks for itself: sexy women and dead things. How can you go wrong?

-The Jessicka

"I just got my calendar and I can say that it is corpsarific! Every ghoul and gal should have one!!!"

shawna belle

"What you all do is so amazingly original. What can I say other than you rock!"


" Corpsy! This year, I'm giving you something really special---ME! Yeah, you heard me right---ME! There's a catch, though. You have to wait until I'm dead. Hear me out. I have decided that when I die, I want to donate my body to you. Yes, you heard me right. I am going to donate my body to Girls and Corpses so you will have a sexy corpse to match your sexy girls. I'm talking girl on girl corpse action here. You can thank me when I'm dead. xoxo ... your future specimen"


"This magazine has everything! Links to buy calendars so I can keep track of my dates all the while looking at hot chicks and dead bodies (which I couldn't resist buying) Links to buy dead body furniture and lighting (which I will eventually have to buy) and even links so I can turn my house into a serial killers wet dream, (the bed sheets are a definite) I even get comedic interviews, comedic articles, and writers with a great sense of humor... who could ask for more?"

Ryan Sunagawa's

Hey Corpsy!
"I dig girls and corpses because it's delightfully scandalous, fun, flirty, funny and perfectly "pervalicious" and well who can resist a cute corpse! woooow!!"


"I got my calendar the other day and I love it!


Got my calendar in the mail yesterday.... Awesome job!! Gotta love March with Christa and Wendy my two new favorite actresses after seeing 2001 Maniacs!!!

The Dead Guy

"What a fuckin' brilliant idea! Girls and Corpses, awesome!"

Stevey Gore

"I found your profile on Barefoot and Independent's page and I wanted to express my immediate love. I am currently finishing my pre-med to go into mortuary sciences and also have made most of my living as a fetish and alternative model. I just wanted to tell you have a new fan!"

Kandice AKA Levidity Desire

"I fucking love it! I"m so glad there is finally a magazine with the best of both worlds, hot babes and rotting corpses.... fucking beautiful! "


"Girls and Corpses... a major undertaking"
Sigmond Twayne (author of The Mental Cookbook)

"Girls and Corpses puts the FEEL in NECROPHILIA!"

Director Joe Dante (Gremlins, Small Soldiers, The Howling)

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