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Howard Sternum Dead!

...found naked with flatulent she-dwarf
Choking in his own vomit!!!

...Artie dials pizza parlor instead of 911

...Stern's co-horts have lethal heart attacks when they learn they're out of work and unemployable!!!

...KASEY, host of Music+TV's GEEK RAWK is last guest on Sternum Show. Says, "too late to cancel."

Cast & Crew:
Editor: Robert Steven Rhine
Model: Kasey Poteet (co-host of MusicPlus TV's Geek Rawk).
Photographer: Lon Casler Bixby
Corpse digger: Kevin Klemm
Make-up: Fifi LaRue
Location: Kevin McQueen: (MusicPlus TV)
Cover design: John Boegehold

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photos © Lon Casler Bixby

issue #8

Sternum's sister mourns loss

Special Thanks to Music Plus TV and producer Kevin McQueen for lending us their stage for our Stern shoot and also loan us their lovely co-host of GEEK RAWK, Kasey. You can watch Kasey (often topless), and her co-host Don (often bottomless), on Geek Rawk: Monday through Thursday night at: musicplustv.com