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updated June 20, 2006

The prestigious Stoker Award as been awarded to an anthology in which Robert Steven Rhine's story, "The Seer," was published. "DARK DELICACIES: ORIGINAL TALES OF TERROR AND THE MACABRE" (Carroll & Graf) featuring stories by such writers as: Ray Bradbury, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson, William F. Nolan and Robert Steven Rhine, has won the highest honor in horror fiction, The Stoker Award for Best Horror Fiction. The Bram Stoker Awards are the horror equivalent of the Nebulas, awarded "for superior achievement" voted by members of the professional Horror Writer's Association. More info on the book at: www.darkdel.com

The Stoker Award -- for greatest achievement in horror fiction
issue #8

Robert Steven Rhine and Kevin Klemm with be special guests this Thursday June 15th from 9 - 10:00 p.m. on the one year anniversary of Geek Rawk on MusicPlus TV

Rhine and Klemm will premiere a behind-the-scenes video of their Howard Stern shoot for Girls and Corpses Magazine -- which took place at the MusicPlus TV studios with Geek Rawk co-host, Kasey.

Fangoria's weekend of Horrors was a huge success for Girls and Corpses Magazine and "Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell." R.S. Rhine sold a slew a books and t-shirts and Kevin Klemm sold his skull bowls and made contacts with the thousands of Fangoria fans and celebs for the three day event.

Click here for more pics

Billy Moseley ("The Devil's Rejects") with writer R.S. Rhine at Fangoria's Weekend of Horror
It was a happy 6-6-06 on Geek Rawk and Music Plus TV as guests R.S. Rhine joined the cast of freaks for the joint 666 birthdays, of host Kasey and producer Kevin.
Devilish Host of GEEK RAWK on M+TV, Kasey, celebrates her 6-6-6 birthday with guests Wendy Kremer (2001 Maniacs) and R.S. Rhine (Satan's evil twin) Producer of Geek Rawk, Kevin, gets his birthday wish as he watches host Kasey blows out the candles while staring at her breasts. Wendy Kremer (Jaws from 2001 Maniacs) steals the show and the microphones as Tim Sullian (director 2001 Maniacs) and Fu Man Chu look-alike Spooky Dan peer on, aghast.
Reverend Mitz from Music Plus TV walks his pet bitch before the show. She's paper trained. R.S. Rhine (creator of Girls and Corpses Magazine) uses a choke chain to subdue his cleaning lady.

Super model for Girls and Corpses Magazine, Mona, is interviewed on Geek Rawk.
Fri. Sat. & Sun. JUNE 2-4, 2006 R.S. Rhine and Kevin Klemm will be exhibiting at:
Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
Burbank Airport Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way

On Saturday June 10th from 6 - 9:00 p.m.
R.S. Rhine will be signing "Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell" at:
TAIX restaurant
1911 Sunset Blvd. LA CA 90026

Jim Smith (Co-creator of Ren & Stimpy") will be playing with his band Freehead

Famed animator and also creator of "Ren & Stimpy" John Kay will be attending as will porn prodigy Hollie Stevens and Kevin Klemm of the Ed Gein collections. Other artists attending include: Frank Forte (Vampire Versus, Billy Boy), D.W. Frydendall (the Haunted Mansion), Frank Dietz (Disney Animator), David Hartman (Spiderman MTV), Eric PIgors (Toxic Toons) Tone Rodriguez (Violent Messiahs), Mark Covell ( Family Guy, Bryan Baugh (Midnight Terrors), Mike Sosnowski (Toonsylvania)

See Robert Steven Rhine in Bikini! Click here

Girls and Corpses meet APE in San Francisco, at the Alternative Press Expo:

Hollie Stevens (star of "Clown Porn") models her furry slippers at The Alternative Press Expo -- a gift from Girls and Corpses Publisher R.S. Rhine Ron Turner (center) legendary originator of Last Gasp Comics (that launched ZAP comics, R. Crumb and the whole underground comic books movement in the 60's) joins XXX porn star Hollie Stevens and writer R.S. Rhine at their APE booth in San Francisco.
Jim Smith, co-creator of "Ren & Stimpy" provided non-stop music throughout the two day exhibition. Jim wrote and played the theme song for The Ren & Stimpy Show and also tours with his band Freehead. Jim Smith, comic book boy genius, poses with Hollie Stevens, porn prodigy. The lovely Hollie Stevens, goes where no porn star has gone before, deep throating a human eyeball.
Our grave digger Kevin Klemm of The Ed Gein Collection was interviewed by The Haunted Report: Read about it here: www.hauntedreport.com

Girls and Corpses Magazine is featured in the March edition of VIRUS Magazine (Europe's leading horror magazine). Dr. Virus interviews Robert Steven Rhine about where the bodies are buried.

R.S. Rhine is inteviewed in the April '06 issue of Red Scream Magazine

Livid Looking Glass Magazine Podcast: Show number 4 is co-hosted by Robert Steven Rhine, the editor of Girls And Corpses webzine and author of MY BRAIN ESCAPES ME, the comic books SATAN GONE WILD, CHICKEN SOUP FOR SATAN and SATAN'S 3-RING CIRCUS OF HELL and other delightfully twisted publications. The show features music by The Tiger Lillies, No Tears, Echo Us, Dance Planet X, Daemonia Nymphe, CTRL, Smoke & Mirrors and Count Smokula. Listen to podcast now

G&C Magazine is featured in the April '06 issue of Total Guitar Magazine (Europe's leading music magazine)

Mass Movement Magazine UK - March 2006 Edition - Interview with R.S. Rhine

"Okay... so Haunt-X didn't suck, after all. I had been warned, several times about the dangers of Haunt-X. Not one to shy away from horror, I went with the flow (actually against the flow in bumper to bumper traffic to LAX) and commandeered my Girls and Corpses booth at Haunt-X for two days in February. I give Haunt-X, four bloody stumps, way up, for the way they handled the convention. Very well organized. Lots of fans showed up, B (really C) celebs, and horror aficionados and probably a few serial killers. My corpse wrangler at Girls and Corpses Magazine shared the booth and the rotting cadavers stopped many in their tracks. My only complaint was being in the back near the hissing and thumping pneumatics. That and the sound loop from "The Exorcist" movie soundtrack which is still playing on a loop in my head, "Mother! Mother!!!" It's enough to possess you. But that's what Haunt-X is all about -- murder and mayhem and they did a bloody good job. I would exhibit at Haunt-X again, gladly, in another booth... by the front.

Michael Berryman ("The Hills Have Eyes") can't take his off the horrific "Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell" Bill Moseley ("The Devil's Rejects") points out the Spawn of Satan, R.S. Rhine, while Reggie Banister ("Phantasm") figures out how to pick Rhine's pocket. Leatherface, R.A. Mihailoff (star of "Chainsaw Massacre" III) wears his G&C t-shirt, moments before breaking Rhine's neck.

R.S. Rhine shares a corpse with actress JULIAN BERLIN ("The Darkroom," "Death By Engagement" "Domino") at Rhine 's Haunt-X booth in Los Angeles to promote Girls and Corpses Magazine. Eileen Dietz (Captain Howdy)from "The Excorcist." Of the food at Haunt-X, Eileen felt like puking pea soup. (Actually, she told me it was Andersons). R.S. Rhine and Kevin Klemm sharing a tender moment between excavating corpses.
R.S. Rhine and bloodthirsty fan at Haunt-X (with a see through dress). Makeup legend (also actor and director) Tom Savini visits Rhine at his Girls and Corpses booth. Find the scary picture.

Maxim Magazine (UK, Sept 2005) – Article.
Maxim Magazine (Czech, Sept 2005) – Article.
FHM Magazine (Germany, Sept 2005) – Article.
FHM Magazine (France, Sept 2005) – Article.
FHM Magazine (Singapore, Sept 2005) – Article.
Bizarre Magazine (UK, Sept 2005) – Article
Bizarre Magazine Special Calendar issue: Girls and Gimps
Stuff Magazine (U.S. January 2006)
Penthouse (Australia, Oct 2005) – (Halloween issue) Article.
Total Guitar Magazine (Europe's #1 music magazine) April 2006 issue
CKM (Eastern Europe) Article
Fangoria Magazine (American's leading horror magazine) Interview
Rue Morgue Magazine (2006)
Virus Magazine (Europe's leading horror mag) March 2006
Heavy Metal Magazine (Nov 2005)
Mass Movement (UK, March 2006)
Red Scream Magazine (April 2006)


WMMS Rocks Cleveland 100.7 FM (Rhine guested twice)
The Big Dumb Fun Show - The highest syndicated and listened to show on the Internet (R.S. Rhine guested with Venkman)

Ocean 98--WOCM--98.1 FM
"Bulldog and the Rude Awakening"
Broadcast throughout Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey.
Also heard on the Internet at www.irieradio.com

98ROCK Baltimore "Kirk, Mark & Spiegel" Morning Radio

Cable TV:

Adelphia Cable: Horror / Kung-Fu Theatre (Oct 2005) – Halloween Show

Internet TV:

Music Plus TV - Geek Rawk With hosts Don and Kasey
Music Plus TV - Aural Salvation with host Rev Mitz -


Rotting Flesh Radio (Dec 2005) (2 times) - Interviews with R.S. Rhine and Kevin Klemm
Livid Looking Glass
Livid Looking Glass Magazine Podcast: Show number 4 is co-hosted by Robert Steven Rhine.

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VIRUS - March, 2006
FHM France - September 2005 Bizarre UK - September 2005
MAXIM UK - September 2005
Australian Penthouse - October 2005