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The Oldest Living Rocker
with groupies Angel Death and Crystal Meth

Cast & Crew:
Photos by: Lon Casler Bixby
Corpses: provided by Kevin Klemm / The Ed Gein Collection
Hair and Makeup by: Fifi La Rue
Editor: R.S. Rhine

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photos © Lon Casler Bixby

issue #7

Special Thanks to Paul Morris (guitarist for Trucker Up and others) for supplying the vintage guitars for the Rot and Roll shoot.

1968 Gibson Les Paul Model (gold one held by corpse)
One of only 350 made. Though assembled in 1968, it was made from leftover parts from Gibson's discontinued series from the late '50's. All original except Nickel Grover tuning pegs.

1959 Gretsch 6119 (the big orange one)
One Filtertron pickup, regarded as one of the best sounding guitar pickups ever made. Although usually pictured with a 6120, Brian Setzer used this instrument on the first two Stray Cats records for all solos

1953 Fender Esquire held by corpse
Neck dated April, 1953: Bakelite pickguard. Carmel lacquer finish. All original. This particular instrument used on several Rod Stewart hits, most notably "Hot Legs."

Red Lakland Bass.
On loan from Taras, who pays bass for Lucinda Williams.