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Sick Guitars From Hell

IKON Custom Guitars

"We specialize in unique bio-mechanical
art and we cater to extreme music artists."

Interview by R.S. Rhine ©girlsandcorpses.com

issue #7

G&C: You make some pretty sick guitars. Tell me about Ikon Custom Guitars. Where are you located and how long have you mutants been in business?

IG: We have shops in Houston, TX and Hollywood, CA. We've been in business for roughly about a year now.

G&C: Who are your designers and team that created these marvels? Or, have you just done too much Crystalight?

IG: It's a big secret. We want to keep our identities a mystery. We are comprised of illegal immigrants, unregistered sex offenders and ex-mafia members so we don't want to get caught. We'll tell you we are legion. We have a designer, a wood carver, an electronics tech dude and a painter.

G&C: How would you describe the sound you get from your guitars? What distinguishes you from the other leading manufactures?

IG: Well, they sound how they look like, ugly and uncompromising, yet beautiful and elegant at the same time. What distinguishes us? Just take a look at our guitars. It speaks volumes.

G&C: What inspires you... besides death?

IG: We are hideous and we don't have enough musical talent to be in bands. We needed to get laid somehow. It all started with a cheap guitar and a dremel tool. The rest is history.

G&C: I don't get it -- Is a dremel a sex tool?

You are influenced by artists like Giger? Any other artists motivate your art?

IG: H.R. Giger is an obvious influence, and so is Dave Mckean and a few others. We try to be original. We've only made a few guitars so we're still developing our style.

G&C: Who are some of the bands you have sold your soul to?

IG: We're endorsing a brilliant band from Houston called Iconoclast and our recent project (SLIME) was made for Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel. We're looking for acts to endorse. Anything good and underground.

G&C: Do you make only customs? And what have been some of your stranger requests?

IG: Errr, the name of the company is IKON CUSTOMS. The new batch of guitars are really weird looking, but nothing too strange that it's unplayable. We did have some people who wanted guitars made strictly only for display and we're against that. They are one of a kind pieces of art, but our guitars are meant to be abused onstage. However, I would be a liar if I said I was against making money.

G&C: What are your plans for the company, besides getting laid?

IG: Make more guitars that stand out everywhere. Endorse more bands, and be more visible this year.

G&C: Well, the guitars are amazing and I imagine the band Iconoclast will get will get you attention you deserve. So, where can our readers buy your guitars? Do you have a site? Are your guitars sold in major stores... like Kmart?

IG: We're still constructing our official website, as it is hard to locate the people we've made guitars for and get decent pictures of them (the guitars, not the clients). Right now our contact page is our myspace address, www.myspace.com/ikoncustoms.

The Spynal: This one is a decaying torso complete with innards- the pickguard is still under construction, it's gonna be clear so you can see the insides. As usual it's gonna have a single EMG 81.