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issue #7


by Porn Prodigy Hollie Stevens

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Get an agent. It's easier for them to sort the phonies and pervs from the professional ones.

Go to an audition if there will be dialogue involved.

Assume that everyone you know including family will find out that you're in porn. There is NO getting around it.

Find out what you will be doing before you arrive on set. You wouldn't want anyone trying to slip an anal gangbang on you would you?

Only fuck the people on set who you are being paid to fuck.

Douche or Enema before a scene. It's courteous to whomever you'll be working with.

Practice fake orgasms for the camera. I used my lame ex boyfriend. He never knew the difference!

Check the persons HIV/Chlamydia/gonorrhea test that you will be working with before your shoot.

Take a shower after your scene. Nobody wants to see cum crust on your neck.

Read your contracts. You never know when someone might take your pics and swap your genitals.


Get an agent that tells you he needs to make a tape of the two of you having sex so directors can see how well you perform.

Go to an audition if there's only sex involved.

Do any scene that requires taking painkillers.

Do anything that you will regret later.

Fuck the director for a movie part.

Eat the night before and up until your anal scene. 15-20 minutes of anal can be very messy...

Bitch if the guy is taking a long time to come. That will only make it take longer and you may end up getting it in your eye when he finally finishes.

Eat anything on the craft service table that hasn't been pre wrapped. Someone else could have finished a scene and dipped their hand in the bag of Doritos before washing them.

Pretend that porn years are any different than dog years.

Assume the guy's erection is real. If he uses the excuse that he has to go to the bathroom right before the scene starts and comes out with a raging boner, you know he's hittin' the juice.