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A Pervert's Playground

A candid interview with René Meeuwessen and Jeroen Oosterhout owners of the world's largest annual Fetish Party

"This rare fetish extravaganza is not to be missed, as it has become one of the largest fetish events in all of Europe. Ever since its inception in 1994, Wasteland has become the party of all parties for fetishists and kinky adults worldwide." Eros Guide - London

issue #6

G&C: Welcome Rene and Jeroen and Wasteland to Girls and Corpses Magazine. It's a match made "Behind The Red Door of Hell." You've been described by Penthouse Magazine as, "The wildest party on earth." Sexcetera calls Wasteland, "The super bowl of fetish." From what I've seen I would describe it as, "Cirque de Soleil meets the Marquis de Sade."

G&C: What makes Wasteland so special? Is it the tropical drinks? Or, the ample parking?

R&J: Wasteland is always innovative, trend setting rather than following, due to an always exiting and spectacular blend of new and titillating lineup of performances. Wasteland is always looking for a crossover in music and arts. A couple of years ago for instance we hired a complete circus (the Russian State Circus of Moscow) and connected it with the venue. Complete with special acts such as kinky clowns and tiger shows. It is our way of presenting a childhood fantasy into a grown up environment thus taking on a completely new dimension. Besides that, it is that special Dutch cultural value of 'freedom and tolerance' which makes Wasteland such a special event. Moreover Wasteland has proven to be extremely successful at creating a more than pleasant synergy for both the fetishonistas who are rather extreme, as well as fetish loving party people who are residing on a slightly more mainstream level.

G&C: What does it take to get into the party? How much does it cost? Can someone bribe their way in with a sex act -- or is that just redundant?

R&J: Just make it past our door-bitches and pay 45 Euro for an evening of full-blown entertainment. With a good act you can bribe your way in. During our last event someone decided he loved to be trampled on by our guests. Played a living doormat for the whole evening! That was the bribe our chief door-bitch accepted right away.

G&C: What are the rules, or is it 'anything goes'?

R&J: The main bonding principal lies in the fact that people should at all times respect one another. Besides that -- absolutely anything is possible between consenting adults.

G&C: What's the age limit? Ever have any centurians? What did they do with their canes?

R&J: Our visitors tends to be a bit older, from 24 – 60, but the age limit is 21 years. Don't have a clue what you mean by centurians unless you mean people dressing up as a Roman soldier.

G&C: Oops, I meant 'centurions.' Is it hard to get into the party? Can you tip a doorbitch?

R&J: It's not hard to get into the party a long as you follow the dress code and have got a free mind. You just have to figure out when and where the event takes place.

G&C: What's the worst thing you had to clean up? Or, did you just have it licked up?

R&J: Fortunately, we don't clean up ourselves. We have a team of people who enjoy to clean up the dungeon afterward. It's their own fetish thing so to speak.

G&C: How would you describe the smell on party night? Do you go though a lot of air freshener?

R&J: We have huge blowers in the building. Sometimes we even hire an aroma jockey – a sort of dj for different kind's of odors which he makes and blows into the venue -- just to get a definitely more refreshing, uplifting and horny smell in the air.

G&C: Do you participate? Like kick someone in the nuts on the way to the kitchen?

R&J: We love fetish events, but no, we don't participate, too busy, but we would sure love to. On the other hand, backstage can be fun to.

G&C: What would you consider going "too far?" Say, neccrophilia? (speaking of smell).

R&J: That definitely would be to far. Not for the person doing it, but it's not fair to the dead. They can't say either yes or no.

G&C: What do you do the day after the party? Is there an "after" party?

R&J: Eating original dutch pancakes and having long and exhausting sex.

G&C: Is there such thing as a VIP room at Wasteland? Or, is the whole event a VIP party?

R&J: We never have a VIP room. Anyone who makes the effort to dress up and making an entrance to the party is a VIP to us.

G&C: Ever have any celebrities or dignitaries attend the party?

R&J: Always, but sometimes it's hard to figure out just who they are behind their masks.

G&C: Do you have regulars? Can you tell us something about them?

R&J: We do have regulars. Wasteland groupies so to speak, who make sure we don't become lazy, they kick our nuts if we slip up.

G&C: Why Amsterdam? (as if we didn't know). How far do people travel to get there? Can you say "fist" and "enema" and "pierce" in every language?

R&J: Amsterdam is the fetish capital of Europe, easy to reach, truly free and a lot cheaper than London. Our visitor really tend to come from all over the world to Wasteland. Fortunately, most people understand English. Actually it's the international fetish language so most people won't have a problem understanding words like fist, enema and pierce.

G&C: Is there such a thing as fetish etiquette? Do you say pardon me before slipping a fist up someone's rear end?

R&J: You just ask whether if it's all right to put your fist up someone's rear end. You most likely will get an honest answer.

G&C: Do you serve food? Like hot dogs and hamburgers? How's the bukkakke?

R&J: We do serve Indonesian food. Nothing even close to hot dogs and hamburgers let alone something Japanese like bukkake... Sperm however is free available throughout the venue, supposed to be very nutritious as well.

G&C: Can you get high at the party? Smoke pot... or as you call it in Amsterdam... hanging out at the 'coffee shop.'

R&J: Pot is still legal in Amsterdam. So you can smoke pot. Dutch pot can be very strong. We've seen many tourists passing out after just three puffs. They don't even remember the party.

G&C: What's the dress code for the Wasteland parties? Wouldn't a suit and tie actually stand out at your party? And isn't originality what fetishism is all about?

R&J: Leather, Uniforms, Plastic, Rubber, Metal, Cross-dress, Burlesque, Fetish Glamour, Medical, Body art, Fetish Goth. No casual street wear! And originality is highly appreciated. However we do tend to have sometimes differences of opinion with our guests about what exactly is original. Visiting our event in a pajamas won't do it for us.

G&C: Unless you're Hugh Hefner, of course. Do your personally dress up on Halloween? Or, is that the only day you dress normal?

R&J: Halloween? We know what it is, we've heard about it, but it's not a big thing in Amsterdam. So I guess we don't dress up especially for Halloween, it's our day to dress normal.

G&C: Do you think there are more amateurs or pros at your party. Such as those who work in the sex industry or porn in Amsterdam. What I mean is, how much is show and how much is really sex?

R&J: The sex is all real. No show at all. Just watch and smell. You will know the difference.

G&C: What the three craziest things you've ever seen at a Wasteland Party?

R&J: Too much to mention. Always something crazy going on. But being drunk and watching real live tigers walking trough the place and clowns with fire works hanging on their nuts...Yes! that is crazy.

G&C: Would you have a gangbang at Wasteland? Or, is that considered a fetish? What defines a fetish?

R&J: We had a gangbang on the first Wasteland ever. After that we lost track. Fetish definition: Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification. So you see, one can have many fetishes, but a gangbang is just lust for sex. Nothing wrong with that.

G&C: What something you witnessed at a Wasteland party but wished you hadn't -- and were farm animals involved?

R&J: Nothing! We only allow sex between consenting adults. No animals involved, except for visitors who really want to be some ones pet dog on a leash.

G&C: Have you ever had to call the paramedics and remove a girl fist from a dwarf's ass? Or, something equally dramatic?

R&J: Just a bottle of Coke. However, in this case it was rather a big ass. The bottle of coke got lost.

G&C: Do fights ever break out between drag queens?

R&J: Not that we know of. But then again, maybe those drags weren't engaged in an S&M play after all.

G&C: What is sexy?

R&J: High heels

G&C: What's a turn off?

R&J: Wooden shoes.

G&C: Why are fetish parties thriving in this country and around the world?

R&J: Fetish party are safe havens of tolerance and relaxation in a, more and more, uptight and stressed out world.

G&C: Tell us about the Wasteland Channel premiering on November 7th.

R&J: Over the years we've acquired a lot of material about Wasteland and other events. We've more than 50 hours of film and we would like to share this with others.

G&C: And we'd love to see it! By the way, can our corpses come to the next party? When is it going to be? And how do our readers get tickets?

R&J: You're more than welcome. The next event will take place on Saturday November 4th. Everything you need to know you can find on our website. http://www.wasteland.nl You can also mail us with your questions at webmaster@wasteland.nl

G&C: Thank you Rene and Jeroen from the bottom of our corpses rotting hearts. We'll waste no time getting to the next Wasteland. Corpses make great doormats!