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R.S. Rhine

Welcome sickos to our sixth issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine. We're getting bigger and more bloated with each corpulent issue. Business is blooming in Corpse Town and we've got the press to prove it. Just check our Corpse Press section and see where we're being featured around the globe. Soon, our corpses will be taking over the world. Are you ready?

In our new Fester Issue we meat Rotting Rabbit who makes out like a bunny with our stunning young laydees Chanon Finley and Brendah, who braved their first stinking shoot with our freshly dug corpses -- by Kevin Klemm of The Ed Gein Collection. Fortunately, our Senior photographer extraordinaire, Lon Casler Bixby, put the girls at ease with a 'special cocktail' which soothes the nerves (and renders the girls unconscious for four hours).

We also have a terrifying interview with Tony Moran (the original Michael Myers from Halloween) now a mild mannered dad with an aversion to large knives. Then, we step into the dungeon, with Goddess Kali, to learn the "ropes" of bondage. And. as if that isn't enough, we landed a titillating interview with Wasteland, the most off the hinges Sex Party on the planet, for a behind-the-screams tour of Amsterdam's circus of inhibitions.

Speaking of circuses, we are wet with excitement to have interviewed and photographed the lovely, extremely uninhibited, and horny, Hollie Stevens, star of the controversial "Clown Porn." That's right... CLOWN PORN. But is porn really all that different from the circus? You've got freaks (anal, bondage, piercing), giants (huge dicks and enormous anuses), midgets (having drunk sex), contortionists (see Belladonna). Adult performers also "perform" on trapeze swings. Hell, there are even horses and snakes (but let's not go there). What makes Clown Porn "The movie" so unique is that both circuses 'cum together' in one silly movie to hopefully amuse, entertain and freak the crap out of you. Hollie Steven is truly a brave lass to let her body be ravaged by clowns for her art. Metaphor? You decide. You'll just have to buy the DVD and see for yourself: www.clownporn.net

Anyhow, we hope you relish this issue and we thank you for being a loyal fan and continuing to read our eloquent filth.

We just hope this issue doesn't lay an egg.


"The Grin Creeper"

Robert Steven Rhine
Publisher / Deaditor-in-Chief
Girls and Corpses Magazine


©2006 (reprinted only with permission of author)

issue #6