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The Password is Pain

An interview with Goddess Kali of Hellhouse
Bondage mistress to the stars

by R.S. Rhine

Photos by: photosbystacy.net

©2006 GirlsandCorpses.com. All rights reserved
May be reprinted only with written permission of Girls and Corpses Magazine

issue #6

"I am now property of Divine GODDESS KALI. Anything She tells me to do i'll do. She is so beautiful and intelligent. My body, mind and soul is now Her property. She may do anything She likes to me without questioning. If She wishes to humiliate me then i will be humiliated. If She wishes to punish me then i will obey. If She wishes to make me use objects than so be it. She is my Mistress and Owner, and i will follow everything She tells me to do. i am awaiting my time with Her with high expectations. i will follow anything Divine GODDESS KALI tells me to do. i am happy and grateful to be Her slave and property now. Praise YOU!"

Your devoted sissy slave, doggy [a client of Goddess Kali]

G&C: Welcome Goddess Kali to our corpse dungeon. You are a professional Domme and take pleasure out of doling out pain and pleasure -- not necessarily in that order. Isn't that really just marriage?

GK: Well, in the long run I would think it's less painful than marriage.

G&C: Are you single or in a relationship? Or, do you just cook dinner for your vibrator?

GK: usually my vibrator cooks dinner for me... Sometimes I have my vibrator for dinner...*wink*

G&C: Ever date any of your clients? How's that seem to work out?

GK: They always seem so intimidated by me, I never even get a chance...lol

G&C: Do your friend and family accept what you do for a living -- or do you just tell them you're a meter maid?

GK: Fortunately, I have a very open and loving family and friend base, and they accept what I do fully.

G&C: What's cheaper, to hire a maid, or just one of your clients to lick your toilet bowl clean?

GK: Slaves pay me to lick my toilet bowl clean.

G&C: What the hell is Hellhouse Dungeon... and what's the password?

GK:: Hellhouse Dungeon is the company that I am affiliated with my domme work...The password is: vagina. lol

G&C: If only Allen Lunden could have said that on Password.

G&C: What kind of services do you perform at Hellhouse?

GK: We provide training sessions for alternative BDSM lifestyles. A safe haven where people can be themselves and explore their fantasies.

G&C: Can you be less specific?

GK: You mean, such as...

CD- Cross-dressing
CBT- Cock and Ball torture

ATM- Ass-to-Mouth
AB - Adult Babies
TT- Tit Torture
OTK- Over the Knee (spanking)
CP- Corporal Punishment

And, the most important one... YKIOK-Your Kink Is OK.

G&C: Do you also engage in fantasy play -- nurse, teacher, cheerleader, nun, librarian, marine biologist, secretary of state?

GK: I love all types of role-play, but usually my sub is the one playing dress-up for me!

G&C: What won't you perform? And I don't mean Shakespeare in the Park.

GK: Any activity that could be construed as solicitation or prostitution.

G&C: That pretty much eliminates this interview.

G&C: So... Is a "Roman shower" when a pregnant Italian girl gets together with her girlfriends and opens baby gifts? Have you ever given a Roman Shower?

GK: No, I can't say that I have, but I do get lots of requests for it, and we are building a potty throne, so...hehe.

G&C: What's a hot plate special? Meatloaf and mashed potatoes?

GK: That will be $100 more... just cause it's so nasty..lol

G&C: What's an ATM? And can you use it to get cash?

GK: ATM = Ass-To-Mouth. Careful you don't go over-drawn...lol

G&C: Someday they'll have ATM windows all over the city.

GK: I can't wait.

G&C: What happens when a client come to you who's 400 pounds, or more? Does he just lay there naked, all tied up, while you eat Oreo cookies?

GK: Hey, thanks for the idea!!

G&C: No prob. Maybe Nabisco can make that into a commercial.

G&C: So, please explain to us how you discipline a man versus a woman. How does it differ for each sex?

GK: It really has nothing to do with male vs. female, it's more individual to the client and what their needs and wants are.

G&C: If pussy really was carpet -- how many miles have you munched?

GK: Enough to fill a Persian warehouse.

G&C: Strap-on or strap-off?

GK: Strapped-on!!

G&C: Spit or swallow?

GK: *Gulp* Can you repeat the question? lol

G&C: Wax on or wax off?

GK: Most times my clients wax off.

G&C: Brazil or Playboy?

GK: I like to play with boys.

G&C: Finger or fist?

GK: Fingers

G&C: Bukakke or teriyaki?

GK: Teriyaki

G&C: Vaginal or anal.

GK: Can I have both?

G&C: Orgy or solo?

GK: The more the merrier.

G&C: Scat, piss or Swiss Miss?

GK: I'm only happy when it rains.

G&C: Scented or unscented?

GK: Scratch-n-sniff

G&C: Sex Machine or George Forman Grilling Machine?

GK: No wonder I keep burning my breasts!

G&C: Belladonna or Jameson?

GK: Belladonna

G&C: Clooney or Pitt?

GK: Pitt, only if I can have Angelina too ;)

G&C: Angelina or Anniston? Or both?

GK: We would turn Anniston into our slut.

G&C: How do you make love to a corpse?

GK: One bone at a time...

G&C: What are some bondage safe words? ("Help me!" comes to mind)

GK: Usually it is a color word, red, blue, etc. The strangest safe word I ever heard was 'cucumber'...lol

G&C: What do you do if someone's safeword is, "More pain please" ?

GK: Make them beg...

G&C: Deep down do you just want to be a soccer mom? Or, do you want to fuck a soccer mom with a strap-on?

GK: I would take one for the team.

G&C: How did you learn to be a domme?

GK: I really think I was just born with the tendency...

G&C: Can any girl become a Domme -- or are there talents that can't be taught?

GK: I think you have to have a predator's heart to truly love it and be good at it.

G&C: Did you ever boss girls around in gym class?

GK: No, I was too busy looking at their asses.

G&C: Me too.

G&C: How old were you when you first kissed a girl? Was it love a first lick?

GK: I was 15. The taste still lingers on my tongue.

G&C: Bubble gum and cigarettes, right?

G&C: Do you like to be dominated? Why or why not?

GK: I like to switch up sometimes, but never with a client, and I would never fully submit. I always have the upper hand.

G&C: How old were you when you first had sex? Tell us about it -- in gripping detail.

GK: I was 15. It was a high school crush, and it was magical...LOL...yea right, it hurt like hell!

G&C: What turns you on? And off?

GK: Turn-ons: leather, tattoos, piercings, power.

Turn-offs: body odor, back-talk, and rednecks.

G&C: What jerks you on and off?

GK: Well, usually a slave.

G&C: Favorite smell?

GK: Eau de woman

G&C: Describe how a sex dungeon smells.

GK: Damp, and kind of stale, but not stinky. Plastic and rubbery kind of, lol.

G&C: What are the five top things clients ask you to do on the webcam?


1. "turn me into your little slut"
2. "show me your tits"
3. "make me eat my cum"

4. "show me your pussy"
5. "will you piss/shit for me?"

G&C: I think you misunderstood. I meant like:

1. "What do you think of AOL?"
2. "You should have that mole checked out on your breast."
3. "Do you have to read the paper while we're doing this?
4. "Don't you go to my church?"
5. "Move closer to the camera, I wear glasses."

G&C: Do you get turned on at all while working the webcam or is it just all business?

GK: Absolutely, I really like what I do, and I'm a huge freak, so yea. The fact that I'm getting paid to cum makes it even hotter.

G&C: You say you like to "be given gifts." What are some of the gifts your clients have given you?

GK: gift certificates, lingerie, toys, and of course, my fave, MONEY.

G&C: I meant, like herpes, clamidia, gonorrhea and genital warts.

G&C: What do you do for when when you're not fucking and sucking, Beating and biting?

GK: Developing my plan for world domination.

G&C: How do our readers get a hold of you if they want to have a sexual experience that will leave them marked for life?

GK: If they would like a live session, I can be contacted thru www.hellhousedungeon.com. For webcam and phone, www.Niteflirt.com/MisstressKali.

G&C: Thanks Kali! It's been a pleasure. You can put your clothes back on now.

GK: Well, you're going to have to take my panties off and give them back before I can, you dirty little slut!