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Girls that Drink Blood

An interview with carnal bloodsucker
Heather B (negative)

"blood" photos by Stephen Goins

© 2006 R.S. Rhine for Girls and Corpses Magazine. All rights reserved printed only by permission of Girls and Corpses Magazine

issue #5

I am an active "bloodsucker". I have a blood fetish. I crave the taste, sight, and
feel of it. I get sexual pleasure from it"
- Heather B (as in blood)

And speaking of fetishes... we have with us today Heater B... the bloodsucking babe from Burbank. Hello Heather. Did you have your cup of fresh squeezed blood this morning? Good. Let's get started with the bloodletting:

G&C: What did you have for breakfast -- after your first cup of blood?

HB: Breakfast?? I sleep during breakfast, silly!! I did have a wonderful rare steak for dinner though!

G&C: Do you consider yourself a vampire? Or just a sexual bloodsucker?

HB: A sexual bloodsucker is a better description of what I consider myself to be. I DO hate the sun and feel ill when in it, etc however the sexual side of "vampirism" is a much more powerful part of my lifestyle.

G&C: Do you work as a dominatrix or is it just a hobby, like knitting?

HB: I do work as one, but I guess you could say that I just mix business with pleasure. It is too much fun to be considered "work". It is a hobby in that I collect 9 inch stilettos, whips, and the like. Perhaps I should learn how to knit a nice corset...

G&C: Do you drink blood directly from someone or has it already been....er... removed?

HB: I have consumed blood in both ways, but drinking directly is the preferred method for me. It is much more intimate that way.

G&C: How did you get into bloodsucking? Did you blood suck all the kids in the neighborhood?

HB: I have had a fascination with vampires and blood for as long as I can remember. I loved reading the stories and watching the movies. Like most little girls, I wanted to be a princess.....I just wanted to be a vampire princess. I did get in trouble once when I was 5 for sucking on a little boy's knee after he fell and scraped it on the pavement!

G&C: How often do you drink blood?

HB: I crave it almost constantly, but I am not on a "blood schedule". At least once a day on a non-intimate level. I have a bad habit of biting my bottom lip until it bleeds and sucking it dry.

G&C: What do you get out of drinking blood. Is it a sexual thing?

HB: Oh, of course!!! I can't explain why it has such an intense effect on me, but blood is like nothing else. Seeing it run down flesh like red wax from a burning candle is so arousing. Oh, and the taste! The second it touches my lips, I moan in ecstasy. That moment when one's eyes roll back at the point of orgasm, that split second when nothing else in the world exists.....that is what it is like when I drink blood.

G&C: Do you masturbate with blood?

HB: Hhhhmm..... not a bad idea.....I'll be back to finish this interview in about 15 minutes!!!

G&C: When other girls get their period are you like a bloodhound following them around like a hungry shark?

HB: Damn, am I that obvious? I had hoped no one had caught on to that. That does remind me of a joke though! A vampire goes into a vampire bar and sits with his vampire friends. They all order the various drinks "Type A negative please!", etc when the first vampire says "I'll just have a glass of water, thanks." Everyone looks at him in total shock. The bartender gives him his water and the vampire pulls a used tampon out of his pocket and proceeds to dunk it in the water. "I like instant."

G&C: Do different blood types taste different? Like an A is sweet but an 0-negative has more "body"?

HB: I'm unsure of specific types, but I hate blood that has that copper-like taste to it. I do not wish to drink pennies, thank you!

G&C: Do your store blood at home? In the freezer of fridge? Or an Igloo ice chest for a day trip to the beach?

HB: Ew!! That is taking things a bit too far!!! .....Honestly.....blood just wouldn't warm up well in the microwave.....

G&C: Is the blood you use for your rituals warm or cold?

HB: Shouldn't you be asking the goat and small children that?

G&C: Where do you get the blood. Price Club?

HB: My own always tastes best, but Ebay would be a great place to check out if you are interested!

G&C: How much blood do you need to bathe in for your rituals?

HB: Oh, blood leaves an awful ring in the tub, my landlord would get so pissed! I just use enough to fill a large bucket, there's no need to be wasteful.

G&C: When you cut your finger do your drink your own blood? Do you have trouble stopping?

HB: Every time! I get the strangest looks from people in the grocery store while I'm getting off on sucking my own finger!

G&C: Have you ever drunk the blood of a friend? Without their permission?

HB: They will probably be reading this article so......NO!! Never! ....um.... A family member? Ew, too weird! I'm not from West Virginia, pal!!

G&C: A pet?

HB: Aw, never! Not MY pet anyway.....

G&C: A corpse? (of course).

HB: I don't like the taste of embalming fluid. You burp that up for hours later.

G&C: Too bad, I was going to take you out for a couple shots after this interview. Have you ever given blood?

HB: Only to my mouth or a lucky partner's.

G&C: Gone to a blood bank?

HB: Only to make a withdrawal

G&C: Visited Transylvania?

HB: Not yet, but I have plans.

G&C: Could be Shangri-La for you. How does a vampire differ from what you do? Or, do you consider yourself a vampire?

HB: A lot of the "Real Vampires" do that role playing game shit. To each his own, but I would rather not sit in my mother's attic while my "character" pretends to slay a dragon or something.

G&C: Are vampires really afraid of garlic?

HB: I am if it is on my victim's breath.

G&C: Do they eat Italian food?

HB: I am very fond of Italian food. Veal Parmesan = dead baby cow with cheese. How could a vampire not love that idea?

G&C: What do you think of vampire movies? Do they get you all hot and bothered, or just thirsty?

HB: Both!! I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan at all, but there were 2 roles in which he was a walking wet dream. Lewie from "Interview with a Vampire" obviously, and Tylor Durdon from "Fight Club". Spitting out blood and watching it run down that sexy body....RAWR!!

G&C: What will you be having for dinner? Um... let me guess. Why are you looking at me lik...GRggGRHnnHHNn.....