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with "2001 Maniacs" Scream Creams
Christa Campbell and Wendy Kremer

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issue #5

Welcome to our crypt, ladies. You are both sexy, funny and horrific as hell on film (even off). So, tell us... our corpses are dying to know:

G&C: Who's your favorite corpse?
WK: Keith Richards
CC: The Corpse Bride

G&C: Favorite horror film:
WK: Do I have to choose just one? I love The Evil Dead, the Hellraiser flicks, A Nightmare on Elm Street... and of course 2001 Maniacs... Although the Republican National Convention of 2004 was pretty scary, too.
CC: Poltergeist

G&C: Where do you like to go with your corpse on a date?
CC: Anywhere as long as he's paying.
WK: Well, since the Skeleton event in the Winter Olympics is over, Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah, GA is an awesome date with the undead of your dreams... except sometimes they get a little distracted, what with all the zombies competing for my attention.

G&C: Best Erogenous dead zones?
WK: Oh my... that would have to be the coccyx, now, wouldn't it? Just sounds like it should be. Yeah, that's it.

G&C: Favorite position (political or otherwise)
WK: Well, I ought to be a Republican, since the GOP is just chock full of rotting corpses... but that's just too much even for me.
CC: (has temporarily passed out)

G&C: Have you ever had sex with a leprechaun?
WK: Who hasn't? If they're denyin' they're lyin. For reals.

G&C: Do you have sex with a corpse on a first date?
WK: I don't kiss and tell. Especially when my date doesn't have ears. Or lips, for that matter.

G&C: Do you remember the first time you had sex with a corpse?
WK: Ahhhh... like it was Thursday. Wait - it was Thursday.

G&C: Should corpses have plastic surgery?
WK: Even I think it's a little extravagant to spend money on plastic surgery when you have no skin... But then, I don't think that ever stopped Michael Jackson.

G&C: Are you going to the Corpsies this year? Who do you think will win for best corpse?
WK: Wouldn't miss it for the world!! I really think "Crash" did the best to add to the corpse population, but everybody knows that Gay Dead Cowboy movie's gonna kill. Especially the lead - I hear his coccyx is amazing.

G&C: Who are you going to wear?
WK: I believe I'll be wearing my skin... unless I don't feel like it. Really have to go with the mood of the day, you know?

G&C: What's you favorite moment from the filming of "2001 Maniacs"?
WK: Let's see... an entire cast of walking corpses? What's not to love?!? I do enjoy watching myself kill over and over (and over...) --- gotta love that.
CC: (temporarily regaining consciousness) When Wendy passed out and went to the hospital! I got the hotel room all to myself for 3 nights!!

G&C: Favorite line from "2001 Maniacs"
WK: The best one of mine that was cut: "Mama calls this my Penis Flytrap!!"
CC: "He ate and bbq-ed our friends!"

G&C: Did you see the original film and what did you think?
CC: It's a cult classic you just love to love it!
WK: Yes, I did -- it was awesome for the time. Just completely over-the-top.

G&C: What was it like working with Robert Englund?
WK: Just a Nightmare from beginning to end. (get it? Nightmare? I kill myself).
CC: He's amazing! Especially his stories, the man has a thousand stories we all can learn from, you can't help but to get educated around him!

G&C: Wendy, you have the uncanny ability to unhinge your jaw and it is reported that you once swallowed an Anaconda. How did you develop this unique talent?
WK: It's God-given, really. Once I realized I had no gag reflex, it was pretty much a given. It's a wonder more gals don't explore their oral talents.

G&C: You have a bloody good scene in "2001 Maniacs" where you perform a rather extreme circumcision on 'an unwilling recipient.' Is this how most of your dates go?
WK: I haven't heard any complaints. Are you complaining? Cuz I can take care of that.

G&C: What was it like filming this jaw dropping scene in the movie?
WK: Jaw dropping. Actually, quite wonderful. It's always a thrill to let your inner demons run rampant.

G&C: Are there any more roles for Wendy "Jaws" Kremer in the future?
WK: It takes a very special director to harness my particular talents. A few have stepped up to the plate, so we'll see what happens here in the next few months. I'm kinda on a roll here...

G&C: What was it like for both you actresses working together?
CC: I had to be nice to Wendy -- I was afraid of those teeth!
WK: Don't get me started on that bitch. What a diva. Wow. Wait, are we talking about Christa or Corpsy?

G&C: HAve you ever done a corpse-on-corpse scene?
WK: The things you have to do to get a break in this town... I'd rather not talk about it.

G&C: What are you working on next?
WK: Snagging me a rich soon-to-be corpse... Oh, and some film projects, too.
CC: "Lonely hearts" and "The Wickerman."

G&C: Thanks ladies for spilling you guts. Anyone got a mop?


2001 Maniacs is out on DVD March 28th. You can click here to pre-order the disc. You can also see the unrated international trailer and visit the official Maniacs site. And hey, if you're in or near L.A., you should hit Dark Delicacies on the day of the disc's release to meet Tim, Christa, Wendy and pretty much everyone involved with the film!

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