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Really Strange Fetishes (RSF)

© R.S. Rhine

You think necrophilia is a strange fetish? Take a look at these other
bizarre fetishes Girls and Corpses Magazine has unearthed:

- A woman who deficates in your hat - SCATINTHEHAT

- She blows her nose in your hand - HANKERHAND

- They have sex to Michael Bolton CDs - SNOR

- She squeezes your testicles until you give her your credit card - SQUISA

- Read each other poetry while occasional screaming FUCK!!! MAYAFUCKALOU

- A woman who wants to have sex with Popeye - BLOWPOP

- Girls who incessantly give blowjobs - VRGNS

- Woman who yoddle up their girlsfriend's large vaginas - giving A-ROSY-ODONELL

- Men who like to get oral sex while driving 90 mph on the freeway - DED

- Older women who have sex with bat boys - BTSNBALS

- Eat garlic and breath on each other - ITAL

- Men who like to have sex in small spaces while spaning themselves with hangars and get caught - COTC (cumming out of the closet)

- Vomit on each other - DRNK

- Sex with your gardner - BLW&GO

- A woman who hides your car keys in her rectum - WRSWALDO

- A man who likes to be spanked with copies of Martha Stewart Living - TRMP

- A man who can only have sex while watching Brokeback Mountain - GAY

- Women who have sex with their dentists - YANK

- Males who have sex with their priests - CHOIRBYS

- She defacates on your computer - IBM

- Men who ejaculate across a crowded room into you purse - SRPSHTER

- You shove grapes in her ass and then eat them out - SOURGRPS

- Girls who want to have sex with their grandfathers - OLDSPICE

- She throws donuts over your penis - KRSPYCREME

- You smell each others armpits - BAN

- Have sex in the mall - KSMRT

- Men who have sex with their banjo - HLBLY

- Can only have sex with your vacuumm cleaner - CLN&JRK

- Exchange phone numbers and never call - SNGL

- Drink 30 beers, don't pee, and have sex they can't remember- FRAT

- Can only get off with Dick after being shot in the face with a shotgun - BUSH

- Have sex with men with really small penises - RU-IN

- Women who masturbate with a basketball - NBA

- Having sex with people you hate - MARIGE

- Corpse 3-way over hot coals - BBQ

- Being spanked with icicles - COOLWHP

- Freezing the penis before sex - COOLTIP

- Going down on your landlord- PAYN-DA-RNT

- Young girls who like old dead mean - Grave robbing

- Women who will only have sex for money - RCHBTCH

- She make's you lick clean her toilet - RIMJB or NOMAID

- You wear your her panties on your head to work - PHW

- Woman gets off on stealing your credit card and shopping while you're sleeping - VISAJRK

- Men who like women with hair on their backs - CROMGN

- Women how like men with extremely hairy ears - NEANDERTHL

- Making balloon animals out of her breasts - CLWN

- Have sex while reading Girls and Corpses Magazne aloud to eachother - SMRT

issue #5