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updated April 4, 2006

Saturday April 7th and Sunday April 8th R.S. Rhine will be an exhibitor at The Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco . Special booth guests will be Jim Smith (Co-creator of Ren & Stimpy"), sexy "Clown Porn" star Hollie Stevens (a favorite of Howard Stern) Tony Moran ("the original Mike Myers" from Halloween). Rhine will be in his Girls and Corpses Booth # 121.

More info here: www.comic-con.org/ape

issue #5

Girls and Corpses Magazine is featured in the March edition of VIRUS Magazine (Europe's leading horror magazine). Dr. Virus interviews Robert Steven Rhine about where the bodies are buried.

R.S. Rhine is inteviewed in the April '06 issue of Red Scream Magazine

Livid Looking Glass Magazine Podcast: Show number 4 is co-hosted by Robert Steven Rhine, the editor of Girls And Corpses webzine and author of MY BRAIN ESCAPES ME, the comic books SATAN GONE WILD, CHICKEN SOUP FOR SATAN and SATAN'S 3-RING CIRCUS OF HELL and other delightfully twisted publications. The show features music by The Tiger Lillies, No Tears, Echo Us, Dance Planet X, Daemonia Nymphe, CTRL, Smoke & Mirrors and Count Smokula. Listen to podcast now

G&C Magazine is featured in the April '06 issue of Total Guitar Magazine (Europe's leading music magazine)

Mass Movement Magazine UK - March 2006 Edition - Interview with R.S. Rhine

"Okay... so Haunt-X didn't suck, after all. I had been warned, several times about the dangers of Haunt-X. Not one to shy away from horror, I went with the flow (actually against the flow in bumper to bumper traffic to LAX) and commandeered my Girls and Corpses booth at Haunt-X for two days in February. I give Haunt-X, four bloody stumps, way up, for the way they handled the convention. Very well organized. Lots of fans showed up, B (really C) celebs, and horror aficionados and probably a few serial killers. My corpse wrangler at Girls and Corpses Magazine shared the booth and the rotting cadavers stopped many in their tracks. My only complaint was being in the back near the hissing and thumping pneumatics. That and the sound loop from "The Exorcist" movie soundtrack which is still playing on a loop in my head, "Mother! Mother!!!" It's enough to possess you. But that's what Haunt-X is all about -- murder and mayhem and they did a bloody good job. I would exhibit at Haunt-X again, gladly, in another booth... by the front.

Michael Berryman ("The Hills Have Eyes") can't take his off the horrific "Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Hell" Bill Moseley ("The Devil's Rejects") points out the Spawn of Satan, R.S. Rhine, while Reggie Banister ("Phantasm") figures out how to pick Rhine's pocket. Leatherface, R.A. Mihailoff (star of "Chainsaw Massacre" III) wears his G&C t-shirt, moments before breaking Rhine's neck.

R.S. Rhine shares a corpse with actress JULIAN BERLIN ("The Darkroom," "Death By Engagement" "Domino") at Rhine 's Haunt-X booth in Los Angeles to promote Girls and Corpses Magazine. Eileen Dietz (Captain Howdy)from "The Excorcist." Of the food at Haunt-X, Eileen felt like puking pea soup. (Actually, she told me it was Andersons). R.S. Rhine and Kevin Klemm sharing a tender moment between excavating corpses.
R.S. Rhine and bloodthirsty fan at Haunt-X (with a see through dress). Makeup legend (also actor and director) Tom Savini visits Rhine at his Girls and Corpses booth. Find the scary picture.

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Rotting Flesh Radio (Dec 2005) (2 times) - Interviews with R.S. Rhine and Kevin Klemm
Livid Looking Glass
Livid Looking Glass Magazine Podcast: Show number 4 is co-hosted by Robert Steven Rhine.

FHM France - September 2005 Bizarre UK - September 2005
MAXIM UK - September 2005
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