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Bubble Trouble
Interview with Porn Ingénue Charlotte Stokely
AVN Starlet of The Year Nominee

By R.S. Rhine
exclusve for ©Girls and Corpses Magazine All rights reserved.

issue #15

I met Charlotte Stokely at the photo shoot or our Super Corpse-Bowl issue. She was cute as a button and funny as hell. How could this sweet, innocent lass be nominated for AVN Porn Starlet of the year, I wondered, aloud.

I had to find out...

G&C: So...Charlotte... What did you have for breakfast?

CS: Chicken chimichanga from a worn down gas station in Utah.

G&C: You have been working just a short time in the adult business. Tell us your journey, how you went from freckle-faced high school student to hardcore jizz jockey?

CS: My roommate was working in a strip club and this guy that worked for a porn company talked her into doing a porn. Then he saw me and asked her to please get me to shoot for him. He asked 3 times and then I said, "sure why the hell not." I liked fucking on camera a lot. It was a great rush so I found an agent and flew to LA

G&C: You moved to L.A. from Lake City. What's the best and worst things that have happened to you since you moved?

CS: The worst thing would have to be that I still have not done a bukakke. the best thing is that I met a lot of really hot chicks that love to have their pussy eaten.

G&C: There's this notion that most porn stars were molested. Any truth to that?

CS: Well, I don't know if it would have anything to do with me doing porn but, yes, I have been molested, but seriously what bimbo has not been taken advantage of at least once in her lifetime?

G&C: How old were you when you lost your virginity? Did that experience have anything to do with your porn aspirations?

CS: I was 15 yrs old when I had sex with a male, 10 with a girl. I don't think anything that happened to me lead to me wanting to do porn. I have always been a sexual girl and I am not surprised I ended up here.

G&C: You are know as Bubble Butt in the business. How'd you get that nickname and do you like it?

CS: I think it's because of my bubbly tush that I love to grind people's faces. Yes I like the nickname, I would hate to not have an ass.

G&C: Do you work on your bubble butt or does it just come naturally? How do other performers react to it?

CS: LOL. It just happened. I have luckily always had an ass. Other performers love to spank it and shake it and squeeze it. I like my butt played with It turns me on. A lot of people think that having a great "asset" I would have anal sex. But to this day I am still an ass virgin.

G&C: Something to strive for. Do you prefer working with males, females or she-males?

CS: I have never worked with a she-male... that I know of lol. I like men to fuck me, and I like to fuck women. I like it both ways.

G&C: What's your best come on line to another woman?

CS: How about we check out the bathroom floor and I give you a free orgasm? Come on, what chick doesn't want to cum? I believe we are hornier than men just don't always act on it. Hell, I masturbate while driving!

G&C: Describe your vagina in rap.

CS: Always super wet.... when I am long dead you could still fuck me... that's how wet I am!

G&C: Catchy. Will we see you in MILF movies someday? How many years to do you see yourself working in the biz?

CS: hahaha I have already done milf movies! Sad but true. I think its just because they wanted a cute blond girl to take a big black dick for the movie and knew that I was the best choice!

G&C: What's the one word that will always get you to drop your pants?

CS: lol, you had me at "hello"

G&C: What won't you do in an adult movie? What would you still like to do but haven't yet?

CS: I wont have anal sex but I will masturbate in my ass. Would like to one day be in a 10,000 guy bukakke

G&C: That should be a whale of a tale. So... how do you learn to become a porn actress? For example, does dick drooling come naturally, or did you go to The Learning Annex?

CS: I never "learned " to drool while cock lapping, it just happens. I get so much spit while blowing a guy that I am drenched in spit all over my tits and the floor couch whatever is totally soaked!

G&C: What do you like to do when you're not working? Any hobbies? Pets?

CS: Smoke pot, cook, puzzles, chase woman wearing a pres Bush mask.

G&C: That actually is Barbara Bush you're chasing. Believe me, you don't want to catch her. Name three famous corpses you would like to sleep with.

CS: Kurt Cobain, Edgar Allen Poe, and King Arthur.

G&C: You mentioned to me that you worked for our fiend Belladonna. What exactly would you do with her ass that conceivably has never been done?

CS: Well, I was not working with her -- I worked for her. I fucked a hogtie named Claire in "Fucking Girls 4," coming out in March. It was such a hot scene, I didn't want to stop!! She choked me out, shoved her feet down my throat, fucked me hard, and spit in my mouth. You will have to watch it to see the rest, but I promise you will blow your load all over your television.

G&C: Oh, I already do that during Deal or no Deal. So, are you religious? I mean, you are from Salt Lake City.

CS: I believe in karma, so long as you aren't hurting yourself or anybody else, then who cares.

G&C: You enjoy smoking the bud. Do you smoke daily? When working? How does smoking pot fit into your lifestyle?

CS: Yes I love weed -- not only for recreation but also medicinally. I smoke every day and a lot of times before I shoot. Pot helps keep my lifestyle in order. If I didn't have something to mellow me out I would get in trouble for constantly trying to fuck women!

G&C: Do you work fetish and B&D? Are you a sub or dome?

CS: I am a very naughty girl that likes what happens to naughty girls when they are in the right hands." That is a line from the Club Jenna movie "Jesse Loves Pain." Ii am sub and make a good slave. I highly recommend watching this movie. It should be coming out in 2007. They chain me to the floor and walk all over me and many many more fun things!

G&C: If hell is for sinners, and porn stars are "sinners," won't hell just be an enormous orgy?

CS: It'll be one hot orgy. I wonder how big the devil's dick is?

G&C: I'll ask him -- he's in the shower right now. Are you ever bored with sex? Also, when you get home from work, is sex with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) the furthest thing from your mind?

CS: I love sex! Fucking at work only makes me hornier so after work I just look for some one else to fuck or to fuck me. How could sex be far from my mind?

G&C: How old where you when you had your first orgasm?

CS: I don't know, Ii have so many. I can come one after the other like a fucking train of spasms and sloshing.

G&C: How old will you be when you have your last orgasm?

CS: How ever old I am when I die and then after that I am still going to keep having sex.

G&C: My kind of girl. What star would you most like to bang?

CS: Jessica Simpson

G&C: Here's some free form questions:

Rubber or Flubber?


Sake or Bukkake

Never had a bukkake, say I say sake with a bunch of beers to go with it

Square dancing or gang banging?

Gang banging, duh

Big dick or water pick?


Masturbate or hallucinate?

Tough one.... I can do both at the same time

Burp or fart?


Shake or bake?


Spit or swallow?

I will swallow or spit it into another chicks mouth

G&C: Whew, I'm glad we made it through that. If you did one movie title that encompassed all your adult films, what would it be called?

CS: "Girls Lie" which is my latest Vivid Alt movie

G&C: What would you do to foster world peace?

CS: Tell everyone to shut the hell up its my world too

G&C: And, finally, what do you think of Girls and Corpses Magazine?

CS: I have already arranged for one to be put in my coffin when I die. Finally, a master mind that loves dead bodies as much as I do.

G&C: Thank you Charlotte for you enlightening interview. I hope you someday find your 10,000 men for bukkake. Every girl deserves to have her dream come true.


The Grin Creeper