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Coal In You Stocking
Celebrity Scat Match

issue #14

As you may have seen in the press, Malibu has been accused of pumping their celebrity sewage directly into the ocean. The health board is now testing the water in Malibu and Santa Monica Bay to see if they can trace who's who in celebrity poop town. DNA experts are testing the fetid water as we speak and the culprits will be brought to justice... in the Malibu courts where they will given community service or have to defecate in a port-a-potty for a month. This is no joke, folks. It's the real poop. So, being the dump detectives we know you are, we are going to test you to see how good you are at identifying the digested meals of pampered celebrities in a little game we call, Celebrity Scat Match. Everyone can play ages six to sixty. Simply match the bowel movement to the bloated star. It's that easy! So, have fun... hold your nose and remember... flush twice... it's a long way to Malibu.

For more info on celebrity crap from the Shitsonian Institute, click here to read R.S. Rhine's, "Her Shit Does Stink"

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