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Moments before the Playboy Radio show -- Andrea is feeling no pain -- as Girls and Corpses Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine offers a head from The Ed Gein Collection,

Behind The Screams with Andrea Ownbey
©girlsandcorpses all right reserved

issue #14

I had a blast on Sirius Playboy Radio with Miss Howard Stern (aka Andrea Ownbey) and Playboy Radio DJ's/porn legends; Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon. It was my second time guesting on the show, this time for Friday The 13th -- and the day lived up to it's billing. Andrea, and her friend Jim Franklin and I arrived at the studio fifteen minutes ahead of time -- long enough for Andrea to start craving the bottle. We walked around San Fernando Road in search of alcohol -- any alcohol. Finally, the owner of Macho Tacos took pity on us, called us over and brought out the beers and food on the house. After the nachos and six beers, we staggered over to Playboy Radio. The show reached a climaxwhen Ginger Lynn crawled up on Andrea's lap and tongued her tonsils for a solid minute. I have some exclusive photos of this momentous lip lock -- but Playboy Radio will not allow me to show them here. But I would be glad to send them to Howard Stern should he be interested, and if Playboy Radio approves (since they are both on Sirius). After the show, we made an urgent pit stop at Vendome Liquor for some Jack. Needless to say, Andrea never made it to our big Friday the 13th premiere party bash, having passed out. But Andrea did make our G&C photo shoot the following day for our Christmas cover (out December 10th) Which should be a doozy. Andrea was a sweetheart and a dream to work with and I look forward to connecting again. I will next see her at AVN where I have arranged for her to sign with me and Hollie Steven's at The Pink Productions booth. Oh, and a special assist goes to Bob Thorney (Andrea's Yahoo Fan Club President) who helped round Andrea up for us -- no easy task. R.S. Rhine "The Grin Creeper"

Little Miss Howard Stern in "The Hood" with friend (ex-custody attorney) Jim Franklin -- searching for brew before Playboy Radio Show.

We find salvation at Macho Tacos -- as oasis in downtown L.A of beer and great food. That's the owner, Nicohipo. Via con Dios.

Andrea feeds the corpsy.

Then... herself.

Still hungry after those nachos.

After the show -- we hit "Disneyland for Alcoholics" - Vendome Liquor -- where Andrea picks up her Holy Grail -- Jack Daniels -- which will later be her undoing. Andrea told me she, "Dreams of being the spokesmodel for Jack Daniels." At least, she can endorse their product.

R.S. Rhine and Miss Howard Stern at The Liquor Mart.

It's gonna be a longgggg night.