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By Stephan "Gunslinger" Miller

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issue #13

Can I be so bold as to say Saw III is one of the best horror movies to hit the big screen in the last ten years? I am that bold and I say absolutely. This movie scores one for the gipper, or should I say ripper!

While I was a big fan of Saw, I was not at all impressed with Saw II, and had serious doubts about Saw III. Being that my brother was in town and wanted to see it, I said what the hell, let's go check it out. So I went in with really low expectations, and for the record we would probably all be better off going to movies with no expectations, then again a trip to the movie theatre for two could end up costing you in excess of fifty bucks, so seeing a movie that gives you what you paid for is important and unless you have tons of dough to blow, you should enjoy what you paid to see.

Saw III holds back nothing and begins with a nice wrench right to your face. Watching a cop smash his foot and then break it to escape the chains shows right off the bat that this movie has balls.

Yes there will be blood, Yes, there will be suffering, and yes there are incredible twists that will make you think twice about making rash decisions.

My review here isn't to give you a break down of the movie, I am sure you know what the movie is all about, after all this is Girls and Corpses, and this is the third installment of the movie. Let me say though there are scenes in this movie that you do not want to miss.

There is a scene where large dead pigs are being blended and spat out onto a court judge who is being buried alive in pig parts and guts, the irony is so thick you can slash it in the theatre. I won't tell you why the judge is there, but there is just something about slaughtering large pigs in an industrial environment that gets your adrenalin pumping.

No offense to the animal activists, I love animals. And I am sure no actual pigs were harmed in the making of Saw III.

There is also a scene where the young doctor played by Bahar Soomekh has to cut out a piece of John's skull using a power drill and power saw to give his brain room to expand, and relieve the tremendous pressure of his brain tumor. Tobin Bell does a tremendous job in this movie as John aka Jigsaw. Remember the scene in Master and Commander when they had to operate on one of the crew using the crudest of instruments? This scene in Saw III is 10 times stronger than that, and that my friends was a pretty sick scene.

Shawnee Smith is back as Amanda, and she doesn't disappoint either. I found myself really enjoying her performance as Jigsaw's protégé. She is a major part of the twists and turns this movie offers, so pay close attention to her.

All in all Saw III is the best horror/thriller movie of 2006, and in my opinion the best horror/thriller movie of the last decade. Thank god someone at Lions Gate can keep the independent filmmaker feel alive, because most horror movies that make it to the big screen these days are simply just missing the intensity and substance that Saw III has.

Kudos to Lions Gate Films, kudos to Darren Lynn Bousman, the direction and cinematography were outstanding. And kudos to the entire cast and crew of Saw III.

If you don't go see this movie, you are missing out, if you do go see this movie and you don't like it, don't come crying to me for your money back, but instead you should have your head severed from your body, and have your mother set your head on the couch so you can watch the DVD, "Driving Miss Daisy" because it would be obvious that horror flicks are not what keeps your blood pumping!

Rating: 5 rotting corpses out of 5.