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Hollie Steven's Thanksgiving Enema

Just in time for the holidays!

Hollie Stevens


issue #13

Effective Coffee Enema Recipe for Detoxification
Great with pumpkin pie!

This is an all natural coffee enema recipe when it comes to decreasing the natural toxins found in your system. This will come in handy after you've stuffed your colon full of Thanksgiving goodies. You should choose a special organic, fully caffeinated brew designed specifically for use in enemas. Though some people do, you will want to stay away from commercial coffees that you may have in your kitchen cabinet because they are not developed for coffee enema use and likely won't be effective.

Also, you may need to experiment before you find the organic type of coffee and method that works best for you and provides you with the optimal results. By never using decaffeinated coffee blends (because they are not effective for coffee enema use) and commercial coffee products, you will be much more likely to achieve the results you want.


Eight cups of boiling water

Eight large spoonfuls of ground coffee

French press coffee pot

For the best coffee enema, freshly grind the coffee from beans. This grinding process will ensure your coffee is as fresh as possible and is packed with powerful ingredients to best influence the enema.

Using a French press coffee pot will also provide the maximum results as opposed to a traditional drip coffee pot where the water drips over the grounds. This useful device can be found at any kitchen, department, or discount store and purchased inexpensively. The French press combines the ground coffee and the water to ensure you brew a strong mixture for your enema.

The directions to this coffee enema recipe are quite simple: add boiling water to coffee grounds and let sit. Be sure to let the coffee cool for approximately one hour if not longer to not incur any injuries from using hot liquid as an enema. The coffee should be around room temperature and lukewarm. Test the temperature of the coffee by adding a drop to the inside of your wrist, which is a very sensitive part of your body that can adequately detect temperature.

Once the coffee mixture is ready, you should use the french press to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid. It is crucial you do not include the coffee grounds obtained by this coffee enema recipe, since the grounds may cause unnecessary irritation to your gastrointestinal system. Pour this liquid into an enema bag, bucket, or any other tool frequently used for completing the enema process. From this point, you should follow any instructions provided on your enema kit or provided by your physician.

If you correctly follow this coffee enema recipe, expect the results to properly expel any toxins in your system. Furthermore, correctly following the instructions provided with your enema kit or from yourphysician will ensure the process is successful.