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Letter from The Publisher / Deaditor-In-Chief
R.S. Rhine
issue #12

So, what to write for Halloween? I mean... every day is Halloween at Girls and Corpses Magazine. What really scares me is "normal life." Come to my door dressed as a Kmart employee or an accountant and I"ll shriek. I have dreaded "regular "jobs all my life and I hope my tombstone reads, "He never worked an honest day in his life... but boy is he busy now!" The whole " life thing: marriage, babies, IRA"s, PTA meetings ... AHHhHhhhhhh!! I actually have an aversion to malls. No kidding. I mean, like a full blown phobia. I"m sure there are more of you mallphobics out there. I used to think that it was the closed in spaces, the crowds or screaming children. But what really gets to me... is normal "average" life. You know: Pottery Barn, Williams and Somoma and, God help us, departments stores! Holy crap taco! Walking through the perfume battlefield, up the escalator of dread, past the mortician suit guy, through the housewares of hell. Klunk... I faint dead away. I get sweaty even writing about it. I guess it"s because society is supposed to be so homogenized. We are told how to dress and act and go to church and chant in unison to a God who sort of overlooks typoons, and famines, and murders and disease and pain and suffering that is unimaginable. Yet, we march to the appointed annointed building, with the symbol of immense suffering on top, so we can sit like sardines, side-by-side and pass around a silver plate to give our hard earned money away so they can keep building more holy places and taking more holy money. I guess that"s why I"m an agnostic with my moon in atheist. Some, might call me a Satanist, due to my Satan"s series of comic books. But they would be sorely mistaken. Satanists are just yet another form of organized religion that worships Satan. They get together and chant and pass around bones and drink blood instead of wine. But I digress, if you want to worship -- whatever -- a holy mute named Larry who sits on top of a mountain and farts the word of the lord -- more power to you. I"m not about to put down your choices. I"m just saying the whole "conforming" deal scares me to death. At least on Halloween we can break out of mold and even the Kmart cashier can dress up like a bride with an aborted fetus hanging out of her belly, or the accountant can be a zombie -- holding his head under his arm. Our society needs Halloween -- which is why it has moved from a kid friendly event to an adult extravaganza fetish fiesta. Hell, kids hardly march around my street anymore saying "trick or treat." They"re all in the malls, while their PTA parents slip into bondage gear (they keep under the bed) and once a year it"s perfectly "normal" to parade around with their church going friends and be the freaks they crave to be. But the opposite is true for me. I hang with the horror community. We"re always dressed to kill ---- in black and blood spattered t-shirts. So, this year I"m going as a politician with a blow up page boy hanging from my groin. I"m sure I won"t be the only one. It could be the costume of the year.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this Halloween Issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine we have put together. I have some very special people who help assemble each issue, such as: Kevin Klemm, our fearless corpse digger who also does many of our interviews; our fantastic photographer Albert L. Ortega who raised the level of photographs in this magazine to new heights, or is it lows?; John Boegehold, our Deadmaster who does an incredible job on the cover and interior layouts; Darren Frydendall who does all the art ads layout, Holllie Stevens who has shown that there is more to a porn star than her squishy; Writer/reviewers David Tamarin, Ted Geoghan, Feo Amante and Stacy Layne Wilson. Our tone-deaf music reviewer Ron Sawyer; Scotty Mullen has also kept us in the loop on screening with Lionsgate.; and last but not least JD, who does our costumes and helps me in more ways than our imaginable, from the set, to food, everything. I"m sure I"m leaving somebody out. But it is due to this fantastic team that I see some wonderful things ahead and I hope you"re there for us as you have been so loyally each month.

This issue is another goody for Halloween. We have two beauties Jessica Custodio and Laura Bach of the soon to be released "The Slaughter." Pole dancer Schwinn displays her gymnastic agility in our Twister pictorial. Kevin Klemm tracked down elusive director Jorg Buttgereit of Necromantik all the way in Germany. We also have famous female ejaculators courtesy of our kinky compadres at Pink Productions, the monstrous band Creature Feature and many more treats.

This Haloween issue will be unveiled at our big premiere party at The CIA for Fright Night -- on Friday 13th. This is our first big dead carpet event and there will be press and celebs and models and corpses galore.

I hope in the near future we will have a print edition of Girls and Corpses Magazine which will be distributed around the world -- and into all those Kmarts where the sheep in red aprons who run the world while waiting to take their bondage outfits out under their bed for the most special day of the year.

So... Happy Halloween from all us Corpses at Girls and Corpses Magazine!


R.S. Rhine "The Grin Creeper"

Publisher / Deaditor-in-Chief
Girls and Corpses Magazine


©2006 (reprinted only with permission of author)