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Letters To The Deaditor:

Well, we've been inudated with your email from all over the world since G&C MAgazine went to press. I think we saw the letter s WTF a thousand times. We also got hundreds of photos from young lovlies you wanted to be our next corpse cover girl. So keep those comments and photos coming!

Here's what you are saying about G&C Magazine:

"You may never get these girls, but you are guaranteed to be a corpse." -Stephan Miller, Gunslinger Media

"Tiffany Shepis looks sssssssssHOT!!!!!! Love that green-eyed starlet... mmmmmmm that sasquatch... I like my men big and hairy with enormous feet geerrrrrrr they could pitch my tent any day" - Lissa Slasher

I LOVED the Abominable issue! Will you be doing any more simian issues? -Zira

i have a couple questions, if you dont mind answering, um first...are those real corpses? and if they are.. is it legal to use them? im not judging im just curious, because i had heard of sex with dead people before, but i figured it was pretty much illegal and not made public. anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, im sure you get alot of emails, like this. Alexis

Hi Alexis --

All the corpses we use are 18 or older and have all signed releases. Sex With dead people is illegal, at least in California -- thanks to Gov. Arnold. But our models are not photographed nude, nor are they depicted having sex with corpses -- at least on camera. What the girls do with our corpse models after the shoot is their business. I wasn't sure what you meant by "public," but sex with corpses in public is also illegal -- though it is perfectly legal to have dinner and a movie with a corpse —if that's what you're asking.


"I love the concept!! It takes a real woman to appreciate the feeling of a quiet man. The control is all hers!!" - Lorrie

"I was hoping you would enjoy the sign in the background I had made for my office." - Bubba

"That big furry creature in your Abominable issue was almost as sexy as director Ryan Schifren. I'd him to do me monkey style. Lol." - Monika M

" All the girls here in Blandeville are dead either literally, or figuratively so 'Girls and Corpses' is something of a lifestyle magazine for me. Kinda like Better Homes and Gardens with rotting flesh." - Fulci

"Thats the best cover ever.....Nothing is closer to Heaven than Tiff with corpses!" Deadpit Radio

"I love Girls and Corpses Magazine!! Every girl wants her man stiff!" - Mizuz Annette Ridge

"i absolutely love this mag!!!" - Gangsta

"Ok man you've always got my support which also means you have Oneness Darkness support too. Its nothing spectacular , but we love your ideas man. Girls Guts and Death whats not to want. The latest camping is fantastic I almost had the urge to get off my ass and buy a tent then I realized there was one in my pants. Man, keep the issues coming and well keep on making music about sleeze, drugs, and victimization." - Robby (Disgruntled Jesus)

"Brav-fuckin'-o. This is the best photo spread yet!" - Ryan Rotten


"Everything about your mag. is amazing and brilliant. I am in love w/ it all." - George

"You know I've got love for my corpsy homies... Have you ever thought of making a hip hop edition of girls and corpses with deejays, emcees, breakdancers (b-girls), and writers (grafitti artists).. that would be sooo hot.. or cold actually ha ha hahaha." - unDying Love, Mama Doom


"You have my sense of humor!!! Great ideas!!!" - Dead Guy

"Tomb it may Concern;Great website. I absolutely fucking love it. If it ever becomes a print mag, sign me up for a subscription. I'll store the issues next to my issues of Bizarre and my other literature. Keep up the good work!"


"Wait, there are girls and corpses on here? I came for the hot pics of R.S. Rhine! Bring on the thong, Robert!"


"Just discovered your site and all I have to say is "AWESOME"!!!! I work in the "adult industry" myself and it's so refreshing to see something that combines two awesome things, hot ghouls n' horror!!! Two thumb's on the Belladonna contest too (gawd, what a woman!)" Stephanie

"Absolutely lovin' you guys (and girls!)... Hilarious, morbid and damned sexy, all at the same time - fan(ny)tastic. Good old John Landis, it's cool that he's such a fan - top bloke, great director and the perfect endorsement. Keep up the fab work."

Yours in gore,

Ant / Visceral Slice

"Every girl should look for meaningful one night stands with a corpse. If you aren't gonna go all the way, why go at all?? " Julie Ghoulie

"Girls and corpses my two favorite things..how the fuck did i not know about you before...this fuckin rocks"


"I'm Still Really Confused Weather 2 B Freaked Out By This Or Thinks It's Cool...???...But Showin Sum Luv AnyWay Just B/C U Got Balls 2 Do A Magazine Like This..LOL..."


Be freaked and scared and giddy and nauseaus -- that's the Girls and Corpses formula!


"Dead bodies, dead bodies all over the street,
Fifty-five, sixty-five bodies at least,
I hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn,
I'm always finding bodies when I'm mowing the lawn,
Drag em in the house, throw em in the oven,
Wicked clown lovin that dead body gloven
tastes like chicken finger lickin deep fried,
I ate a dead body, but don't tell, I lied

I just ate my first dead body last week,
Still gots the finger nail caught in my teeth,
Before you start yelling and cursing my name,
Remember something's wrong with my brain, insane.


"I Loved the interview with Sheri Moon Zombie in the new issue! Keep the celebrity interviews coming! I hope to see one with Rob Zombie someday too!" Tricia

"I'm both proud yet embarrassed when I think about how many hours I've spent totally absorbed with your site since discovering it just a few days back. The combination of "Sex Tips from Dr. Necco Feelya", a "Big Trouble in Little China"quote, the HILARIOUS Hollie Stevens, plus the creature feature vixen's makes G&C my new favorite site. It's like one big rotting jambalaya of goodness!!! I'm hoping to pick up a copy of 'Satan's 3 Ring Circus of Hell' from one of the (very few) comic book shops we have in Toronto this weekend."


When I die, I want to donate my corpse to this mag. It would honestly be the greatest honor."


"This is the hottest magazine i have ever seen, except for all those pesky women"

Sexually Active Corpse

"I absolutely love it!! anything i can do to help spread the word or advertise your zine i will be your bill board!"


stay dead!!!

j.v. Bastard

Hey, Girls and Corpses fans, check out our new channel Salvation Tv which launched last month. It's a horror channel which showcases Redpemption Films unique catalogue of horror, gothic, vampire and sleaze films. It's the kind of channel that fans of Girls and Corpses would definitely like to watch!" - Nigel Wingrove www.salvationtv.com

"Love the mag! hot chicks sucking corpse face with a gleeful smile" - eRiC Forsberg (writer Snakes on A Train, Alien Abduction)

"Sick, repulsive, disgusting, filthy, nasty, dirty, terrible, vile, but I can't help that it has everything I love and some things I didn't know I did. Girls in Corpses raises the dead... Giggidy giggidy goo" - Robbie

I'd have to say, they do like mighty real!!!! Hahahaha I really think this is something great for the horror scene!!! hot and sexy women and the rotting corpses they play with............I love it!!!!


Very hot.. just how I like it.. Mmm corpses on the grill!

You make me smile often, thank you!

Mama Doom

"Damn your corpses have the hottest rotting asses I've ever seen!" - joe

oh man, still can't get over the genius of this. the heading of your last issue made me laugh out loud. love it!


"im amazed u can find hot hot chicks to do this and theyre not all slathered in tattoos like alternative girls. clean corpse an a clean pair of titties thats what i always say. hooray for GaC Magazine!"


"I like my coffee like I like my corpses: Vacumed sealed for freshness."

Gregg 9Fingers

"I love the work that you do. Lovely girls and fiendishly frightening corpses! What a great package. If you're ever in need of a body let me know, I'd love to work with you. Keep it sexy & scary!" Jessika's

"Sorry, I'm all for freedom of speech and choice, but I just happened upon your site and just couldn't avoid the urge to mail you-You sad fucker!! Your main interests in life are "girls and rottingcorpses"????!!! Fuking hell, you really, really need to get out of your house and discover life. Go for a run, join a rock climbing organization, start cooking, go snowboarding, travel, make music, raise money for a charity, build a house, have sex with a REAL life woman. Anything!!! The possibilities are endless dude. Jesus, you are very very sad. (And probably very scary and odd looking in real life I'm guessing) To each to their own, I know, but.........get a fucking life." muffin335@yahoo.co.uk

Hi Muffin -

Our best letter yet! Of course I'm scary looking! I'm a corpse!

- I'm also an avid mountain climber. I hike three times a week and train on mountain peaks with some of the best climbers in the world, who have climbed Everest.

- I just got back from a month in Southern Spain and Morocco. I travel to Europe yearly for at least a month and have eaten at over seventy-five Michelin Star restaurants. I'm a gourmand. I also, have guest chefed at various restaurants. And I won a local Iron Chef competition against restaurant chefs.

- I have a beautiful house, for twenty years, which I have added onto.

- I have worked as an professional actor in TV and films and model. I am Rod Serling on the Twilight Tower of Terror ride.

- I'm a published author and an award winning writer. Most recently, I received a Bram Stoker Award for "Dark Delicacies" an anthology I am in alongside Ray Bradbury and Clive Barker.

- I'm free to express myself as granted under our brilliant constitution.

- Oh, and I' m been happily married for twenty years, to a very successful, Emmy nominated costume designer.

So, look in the mirror Mcmuffin ... what have you been up to... hmmm? Jerking off to the dead? I'll put my corpse up against yours any time.

R.S. Rhine Publisher / Deaditor-in-Chief

"My son came to your sight. How come it doesn't have a warning screen at the beginning or something? He didn't know how to handle what he was seeing. His fragile 11 year old mind is completely warped now and he will need therapy. He also threw up over our $100 dollar wireless keyboard. Who do I talk to about lawsuits, insurance, and payment? Lets try and settle this matter painlessly."Arjun Singh

Dear Arjun Singh ... if that really is your name. Your extortion money is in a green bag on the middle lane of the 405 Freeway. Now go out and claim it. There is nothing more extreme on Girls and Corpses than CSI, or much of network television. We feature no nudity (though I imagine if you check what else your son is looking at on the internet you'll come up with some gay bestiality bondage). Anyhow, sorry about your dip-shit son. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Have you tried shock therapy. It helped me.

"Love the mag, pure genius; a total trashing of so-called 'mens' magazines combined with the film Necromantik and a genuine love of all things horror." Andrew Bridge

"This is really good idea because it shows the contrast of life and death plus you get a beautiful women too. It is very good humor because death is not a funny thing yet G&C gives you something to poke fun at when dealing with death."


Bingo, Dorothy. You get the door prize. You actually get it! That is the most astute comment 've received. You can't believe some of the lame letters we get. We would also like to feature you in a future issue after you die with one of our corpses. Our Attorney, Angel Death, will be sending you contract to sign. Thank you for proving that there is intelligent life on planet earth!




"Hey, greetings from Ireland, this is my new favourite site!!!! keep on rotting in the free world!"

All the best, CHUCK BURRIED esq The MO7s

"This is the greatest website ever! The scene seemed to be stagnating recently, but you've really brought some fresh meat to the grinder!

Me and my wife find this stuff such a turn on, sometimes she pretends to be dead, sometimes I do, sometimes we pretend we're both dead. It's truly a sight to behold. Anyway, Thanks for the pictures of dead bodies, they really brighten up my day."

Love from a middle-aged corpse lover.

"Yeah, I love bloody, fuckin' brain eating women. it's done quite tastefully too. mmmm."

Yancheez TJ

"Ohhhh my god...I absolutely love your magazine. I think its absolutely wonderful!!! What a fantastic idea....corpses and hot girls. I got such a wee chuckle from some of the pictures...I love how animated the girls are with the corpses . Its absolutely terrific!"

Lots of love Sioux xx

"What kind of sick stuff is this?? I want a girl on me better than a skeleton but I guess you guys can wait till I die."

"You're a crazy, insane, freak

we love you

keep up the good work"

- sean and drew

"Girls & Corpses!!!! Coffantastic!!!! Your site rules, i cant wait to model with some of your girls, cause i should be decaying soon!!!!:) I can already feel the rigor mortis setting in!!!!! HA HA!!!! Cheers to you cadaverous creeps!!!" -LEE

"Bonnie here. Too funny yet I have to admit I stopped and actually thought to myself would I pose with a corpse?

My 2 answers:

If someone took my ex husband ran him over with a car then left him in the desert to dry up and burn to death only to be eaten by buzzards.. Hell yea I would pose next to that like a true blonde trophy wife that I was...

Now if my husband now were to pass..I would just want to be near him...Don' t want to start thinking too kinky now...LOL

I love your magazine...Most original."

You have been kissed by Bonnie..xoxo

"You are seriously doing a beautiful fucking thing with this magazine. And you are making me jones for Jack...or his cousin, brother...any other distant relative or body part....*meep* Crossing my fingers and hoping not die."


"Fucking sick! Awesome idea and execution!!"

Michael Oster

"And I thought Howard Stern is undead. You never stop learning new things. Girls & Corpses fuckin' rule! Let the zombies in! Prost!" -Tim-"

"You people ARE FUCKED IN HEAD stupid son of a bitch..."

Jaymison Lee

Dear Jaymison-

Of course we're fucked in the head. You didn't need to tell US that. We pride ourselves on not being "normal." To us being normal is fucked in the head. RIP, Corpsy

"This is one great combination - dead bodies and hot bodies...what hasn't anyone thought of this before? Hmmm....might have something to do with sanity. Overrated as it is."

Frank Quiet

"argggggghh, i want to be a girl to pose with the corpses, what age is it possible to do so? much respect to you all, love the shoots, especially when you were in Bizarre."

Kissy Corpse

"Damn I love you guys.. Keep making me hott over your lovely bods.. dead and alive -Sinfully Savage"

"finally, a magazine that recognizes the very two things that make me want to read"


I love the idea of your magazine. I'd love to send in some photos in hopes to be seen in it. How could I get into doing something like this. I do have modeling experience and a portfolio. What do you look for? Where would I send the photos? I had to ask.

Thanks for your time."


Hi Paige -

Just send your pics 72 dpi (small files) to info@girlsandcorpses.com . Our staff of corpses will review. It's not necessary to send naked pics. Just appreciated.

I finally found a place where I can show my fascination with corpses and the bizarre. I can't wait to get my hands on that first paper issue. Keep up the "Dead" work!

- Mandy -

I think your website is so funny. It shows you put a lot of work into it. I was on the floor laughing it was so good. thanks and keep up the great work

- www.animalshirts.net

Damn Dudes,

This Is BETTER Than Maxim! You Guys Rock,!!

- Drew/Pazatzu

I'm honestly really curious about your website. I read your main page and didn't get an answer to what I wanted to ask. Do you honestly use real corpses? I'm was so intrigued by your website, I spent at least 20 minutes with a couple other friends trying to figure it out. We came to the conclusion that they're fake due to laws that may get in the way of such things. I'm sure that there are federal laws that prevent stuff like this (similar to child pornography laws but in a more sick, twisted, and demented sort of way). I just really want to know. Are they real corpses or just really well made fakes?

P.S. That's quite possibly the most unique website/magazine combo I've ever seen and I've seen some pretty wild shit. keep rockin! OMFG the magazine is friggin hilarious!


Dear Jose. We'd love to tell you but then we'd have to kill you. The good news -- then you could be in our magazine.

--Rip Corpsy

Argh this is the greatest thing ive ever heard of..my two loves in life/death COMBINED!!!!!

-- Dr. Killgore

Awesome, man. Your Clown Porn photo shoot has the notoriety of being the first shoot in your mag that's actually made me laugh out loud. The sheer absurdity of it should win you an award.

Best ~ Ted

Dear Ted --

By any chance is your last name Bundy?

'' hay your guy's stuff is alsome...! that wierd i have never seen your guys mag, before.. ? do u use real corpses or fack ones...?

dum i know but i was woundering...

-- Leah...

Dear Leah --

We have passed around a donarion plate to buy you an edjuukation. P.S. they're not "fack."



Awesome and fuckin' hilarious. These corpses must be very happy even if they are out of testicles.

- JET -

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