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Celebrity Queefing

If you're old enough for beef...
you're old enough to queef

By ©R.S. Rhine for Girls and Corpses Magazine

All Rights reserved

issue #11

Queefing definition: v. (flatus vaginalis, cuntus eruptus):

Vagina flatulence. Does not necessarily result from intercourse - lack of muscle tone leads to this type of female fart. This also has been know to be a hobby for some folks in mastering the art of queefing

"Queef" (onomatopoeia) "pussy fart" and "vart" are slang terms which refer to vaginal flatulence. Also, know as (slang): Playing the cunt trumpet, shooting skeet without a shotgun, balooning the Grand Canyon, ruffling the curtains, farting down under (Aus), powdering the asparagus (Eng.), killing gnats without a swatter, poon puffer (Blk Amer), playing ping pong without a paddle (Thai), airing out the mud flaps (TX), clam breeze (New Eng), Tea party for sailors (unknown origin).

How to Queef in 5 easy steps:

Ladies, lie on your back on a comfortable surface. (A pool table will do just fine – though preferably not one in play). Next, gulp air like a goldfish out of the bowl, or, suck on a vacuum cleaner going in reverse. Next, gently press down on your diaphram with the palms of your hands. (note: If you diaphram is not inside you at the moment -- don't fret). Now, squeeze your stomach muscles, like you are pooping Arnold Schwartzenneger -- until seat beads pop onto your forehead And, if you're lucky, a mighty wind will expel from your inner bagpipe and blow out a candle half way across the room. Congratulations ladies – you have queefed.

Next week -- "Pussy Farts" by Maya Angelou.

Watch the National Geographic Special:
Michael Jackson -- The Man who would be Queef.

For more into on queefing, visit the National Archives or check out: Amber Rose a.k.a. Amber, The Lesbian Queefer (born July 7, 1979 in San Francisco, California, USA) is an erotic actress specialized in queefing movies.


- Amber, The Lesbian Queefer (2002)
- Lesbian Queefing & Other Kinks (2003)

Queef Latifa