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Meet The Amazing...

The Colossal...

The insane...

Cock Brothas

Interview by R.S. Rhine

all rights reserved

issue #11

Meet the two biggest dicks in show business. And they're proud of it. I don't know their real names are, they wouldn't tell us, and they wear masks in their movies.

It made us wonder why they are not proud of their assets and want to have their faces be on postage stamps.. So, we decided to go deeper, much deeper with the Cock Brothas the biggest... er... well you know.

Sixteen Inches of 100% Pure USDA pulled pork.

G&C: Should we call you, the Baloney Brothers, the Kielbasa Kids, Sir Cocks or just The Brothas?

ICB: (Brotha 1) The Brothas will do just fine.

G&C: How big are your power tools?

ICB: (Brotha 1) They pretty much stand (sic!) at around 16".

G&C: Did you have elective surgery to enlarge your organs? Did you get some sort of freak pony transplant? Or, are you "natural."

ICB: (Brotha 2) They are all natural man! Our mama jokes they were half of our birth weight!

G&C: You musta been big babies! So, do you have the largest penises on the planet? And, if not, who does?

ICB: (Brotha 1) I don't know about the planet but I haven't met any others any bigger.

(Brotha 2) There is this guy in Europe who is close but I can't remember his name.

G&C: Andre The Giant? How long have you been in the adult entertainment business? And how did you each get started?

ICB: (Brotha 1) I started about 3 years ago. A director saw my package while I was taken a piss in the men's room and said I could make a lot of money. Before I beat the crap out of him he explained what he did for a living.

Brotha 2) I started about 2 years after that when I figured out how my bro was making all this extra cash. We started working for Pink Visual the beginning of this year.

G&C: So, I guess it's true about the brutthas being the biggest cocks on the walk. What about John Holmes? How would he measure up to you guys?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Holmes was cool. He was one of the first to make "large members" a fetish in the US. He wasn't as big as we are but hey, he was a white guy!

G&C: Hey watch it! How old were you when you discovered that you had an Italian sausage factory in your gym shorts?

ICB: (Brotha 2) It was junior high school when it became apparent that the rest of the locker room was a little disproportionate.

G&C: What guy would have wanted to walk into the shower room and be compared to you well endowed freaks? What did girls think of you in school? Did they tease you -- or gargle you?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Really it depended on the girl. Some would just run away screaming (some still do!) Others would just climb on board like it was their first time riding a pony or something.

(Brotha 2) My nick name in school was horse dick. It got me a lot of dates.

G&C: Were your dad's hung like Shetland ponies?

ICB: (Brotha 2) This wasn't no genetic mutation! You get the good and the bad from your parents whether you like it or not. (Brotha 1) We got lucky, thanks dad.

G&C: What was your first movie? What was that like?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Interracial Delights #7 is what I think it ended up being named. They don't really tell you the name of the movie most times so you find out years later when you pass by a box and see your self on it.

(Brotha 2) My first movie was DP Positionals. It was a train wreck. The girl couldn't take my girth and I ended up being cut.

G&C: I hope that doesn't mean "killed." Did the actress scream when you dropped your drawers?

ICB: (Brotha 2) No, but she was making a lot of blood curdling screams while I was fucking her ass!

G&C: Do some adult actresses refuse to work with you? And is it true that some porn actresses take pain killers to have anal sex? Or, in your case an epidural?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Some adult actresses do refuse to work with us but we don't take it personally. Believe it or not most of these girls are professionals and know exactly what they are willing and not willing to do. Makes it easy to cast them as you just go through their agency sheet and it will say something like 'Girl A – does Vaginal, Oral, Group, Anal only once a week' – shit like that. If they are taking pain killers than we and our production crew doesn't know about it – we run a clean, legit ship.

G&C: Have you ever injured an actress with your gigantic members? Do you carry penile insurance?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Haven't sent any one to the hospital ,yet, but we keep lots of vaginal and ass creams on hand at the studio. Some times they need a little cooling calming action.

G&C: Do you prefer women with large or tight vaginas?

ICB: (Brotha 2) I like 'em tight.

(Brotha 1) Yea, me too. I like breaking girls in.

G&C: Are you bummed that women can only take about half of your shaft? (Otherwise, you would poke out of her ear).

ICB: (Brotha 2) This is like that 'is the cup half full or half empty' question. Sure it would be great to meet some 8' tall giant with a gigantic pussy to just ram it into but that isn't going to be happening on a regular basis.

Brotha 1) Most sex is psychological in nature anyways. I don't need to cram my whole shaft in to get off. That's what the girl's tongue is for.

G&C: Are there supplements you take to cum more? What are they? Do they work?

ICB: (Brotha 1) We don't take any supplements or any thing like that. Definitely though we eat right, stay away from booze and drugs, get a full night's rest before a shoot and try not to shoot a load at least 24 or 48 hours before filming – that pretty much ensures a nice big wet load for the camera.

(Brotha 2) He sounds like an old man! I can cum like a race horse -- it doesn't matter.

(Brotha 1) Fuck you bro! I ain't no old man!

G&C: What do you usually eat before working? Garlic and boiled eggs? Pickles and cabbage?

ICB: (Brotha 1) I eat a lot of chicken and steak, lots of broccoli too.

(Brotha 2) I try to eat things that aren't too stinky. I don't want the girls making funny faces cause I smell like a turnip or something.

G&C: Are you happy to be so well endowed? Or, do you wish you were more "normal" sized?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Hell yes, I love having this big dick! To me this is normal.

(Brotha 2) I would have to agree – normal is a matter of perspective.

G&C: Do regular girls seek you out to have sex with them -- like radar spotting a dirigible?

ICB: (Brotha 2) All the time. Most adult industry professionals will tell you there are tons of groupies out there. Our guys over at Pink Visual go through tons of fan mail each week – girls wanting to have us dp em, guys wanting us to fuck their wives, you name it.

G&C: Where do you find girls who are willing to have sex with you on film? Kmart? Barnes and Noble? The Free Clinic?

ICB: (Brotha 2) Now a days with all of the regulations and rules you have to follow you can't just fuck any one off of the street that you come across. That is why we use agency girls. They are legit, legal and eager.

G&C: Are either of you married? Is your wife a sadist?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Neither one of us is married, though we have a sister who is.

G&C: After a long day at work on the set are you still wanting more pussy -- or just a beer and watch a ballgame?

ICB: (Brotha 1) After a day of shooting, definitely just go home, kick back, drink a beer.

G&C: Do women really like bigger cocks? Or, is that a myth?

ICB: (Brotha 2) Well, some women do not want a big huge cock and some do. But definitely, size does matter. If you got anything under 7" you are a disappointment to a female.

G&C: I'm sure there are now guys reading this sprinkling Miracle Grow on their beanstalks.

So, why do you wear masks? Do you work for the government or something? Do you have normal day jobs? Like Attorney General? Or, are you NBA players?

ICB: (Brotha 1) We wear the masks to keep our identity a secret, yo! You don't need to know why!

(Brotha 2) Obsessed women can be a scary thing!

G&C: What type of women do you each prefer? Besides, naked and willing?

ICB: (Brotha 1) I like colored girls with a nice ass that bounces!

(Brotha 2) I actually like the small white girls - damn they act naughty!

G&C: How often do you work? And what do you do on your days off -- besides stare at your trouser anaconda?

ICB: (Brotha 1) We shoot about 2 scenes a week. They don't always get used. Most end up on our web site and the best of the best get put on Pink Visual's DVDs.

G&C: Do you love your job or do you sometimes get sick of spewing your load over some young innocents face? In other words, can a man ever get too much pussy? (This is possibly the dumbest question I've ever asked).

ICB: (Brotha 1) It's the best job in the world.

(Brotha 2) Hell, yes it is!

G&C: What porn actress would you like to work with more than any other (both ones you have already worked with and ones you want to)?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Brea Bennett would look great on my cock.

(Brotha 2) I would love to take a turn at Jenna – just to see if all that make up, tape and hairspray can hold up to a nice big black dick!

G&C: Ever work with my friend Belladonna? How about Hollie Stevens, one of our writers at G&C?

ICB: (Brotha 1) I know both the names. Bella's a hottie as is Hollie.

(Brotha 2) I haven't worked with them yet.

G&C: Are you constantly out dogging? In the supermarket vegetable section, do you single out the girl weighing the zucchini's

ICB: (Brotha 2) Actually all I have to do is lean back, stretch and relax. My pants get tight around my bulge pretty much no matter what and girls are just drawn to it like a magnet.

(Brotha 1) Yea, I think chicks can smell dick size.

G&C: Does having a large dick give you more confidence with the ladies?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Hell no! All it takes is for one hot bitch to diss you for being a freak. Being raised by a good mama made me confident with the ladies.

(Brotha 2) You want to be confident with the ladies then treat them like ladies! It is amazing what a little respect and interest can get a guy!

G&C: What is your favorite pickup line? "Hey, wanna munch a foot long?"

ICB: (Brotha 1) I was at a state park and this girl asked me 'Can I stay in the tent you pitched in your pants?'

(Brotha 2) My favorite is when they don't say anything and just rub the crack of their ass up and down the bulge in my pants.

G&C: What the craziest thing you've ever done sexually?

ICB: (Brotha 2) Making an adult film is actually pretty crazy. Most people don't realize that there are all these people in the room with you and most of them aren't paying you any attention. I remember one shoot where I was busy working away and I catch the production assistant out of the corner of my eye and she is eating a sandwich while reading a book!

(Brotha 1) I had sex in a shark tank... don't ask...

G&C: What the one thing that no one knows or understands about the adult movie industry?

ICB: (Brotha 1) That this is a business.

(Brotha 2) Just because these girls work in the adult industry doesn't mean they are wanton sluts with no values or morals – that's our job (ha ha!)

G&C: What do you think of Girls and Corpses Magazine?

ICB: (Brotha 1) The girls are hot!

(Brotha 2) I totally dig it! It reminds me of an adult Wacky Pack! You know those fucked up sticker cards from when we were kids?

G&C: I have a title for your next movie. In it, The Cock Brothus have sex with girls with braces. You can call it, "Dick Bracy." I haven't decided if the braces are on the girl's teeth... or legs. Are you up for it?

ICB: (Brotha 1) Is this were the corpse and horror part fits in to this?

(Brotha 2) I dig the title, but can we use stunt doubles? If we can find some that is...

G&C: Thanks for the probing interview guys. Now do you mind taking dick out of my ass – I think I'm sitting on it.


If you'd like to see these two big dick in action, click here for Pink Visual Productions. 18 and older only!